Continued hiatus and a May calendar

What is this thing called blogging and how does it work?

Seems like that is what I should be asking since I’ve been away for so long. And it’s not that I intend to stay away; not that I’m doing things that are wildly exciting or traveling to exotic destinations. Oh no. Life is…well…life. And there’s been a lot of it lately. And not all rainbows and butterflies.

The Nana Nanny doesn’t seem to have time to turn around twice before Toddler Twix is into something she shouldn’t be into. Constant supervision makes me wonder how the “mommy bloggers” accomplish anything outside of childcare and the occasional shower.

The paper blizzard that occurred at the end of Peanut’s kindergarten year was enough to build a snowman….or five. And she begged to go to summer school so she could continue to see her friends! With birthday parties and other school activities, the party seemed to never end.

One of the cats is sick and I was drug out of my comfort zone giving her daily subcutaneous fluid injections to combat dehydration. Add twice daily antibiotics for a lung infection. And she is still not well yet. Now we have TWO antibiotic pills to give her twice a day for 14 days. Fantastic.

Got bit by tick and the area began to take on a strange look so the doc put ME on antibiotics. Nasty little buggers. But not uncommon in our yard with the deer and cedar trees.

The bright spot of the past few weeks was that Entrepreneur’s scans of his lungs and thyroid show no growth or spread of the mysterious spots they discovered after his renal cell kidney cancer diagnosis. YAY!! If the next set in three months is still unchanged, they will move him to scans every six months.

And it’s been raining for weeks on end. Seriously, I think we may need to start buying supplies for an ark.

Last week, Entrepreneur covered the nanny duties at home as I went to the office to cover for an employee on vacation. Stepping into the customer care role again took a little getting used to…along with making friends with Windows and a PC computer. Blech.

So, today I finally had a few minutes to do something a bit creative. So, I put my May calendar together….in mid-June. Yeah, that sounds about right! I have high hopes to make the rounds more frequently in the near future, and hope everyone’s June is off to a fantastic start…or middle.

May 2015

5 thoughts on “Continued hiatus and a May calendar

  1. So happy your hubby’s scans came back good. Sometimes life (and small children) dictate where we need to be, and blogging takes a back seat. I found it happened to me, and decided I enjoyed spending more time with loved ones than online so I kept my blogging to a minimum. It feels right to me, but who knows I might shift again, ha! Hope your summer is fantastic!

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  2. Lisa, what GREAT news about Entrepreneur’s scans! Yahooo! I am so happy for him, you, and your entire family because I know what a great relief that must be.

    It seems that so many bloggers right now are taking breaks. Summertime seems to be such a busy season for all, with vacations, spending time with family, and just enjoying summer.

    Even me, between my new job and working a different schedule, playing outside with my new camera, and wanting to be outdoors more, I too haven’t been online as much.

    Beautiful collage! I love the photograph of the water drops!

    Have a super June, my friend!

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  3. Life does get in the way sometimes, doesn’t it? Especially life with little ones running about. Maybe Mommie Bloggers have safe rooms in which children can be deposited and the door locked. Or they don’t require much sleep. So happy glad to hear about hubby’s scans – a huge dose of relief for all of you, I’m sure. I pray it continues that way.

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  4. Ah….I remember being the grandmother Nanny. Yes, computer time could sometimes be scarce, but I so enjoyed being with him. Glad your hubby is doing better and got some good news. Miss you, but glad you popped onto your blog to say hi. The May collage is great. 🙂

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