July Photo Challenge: Patriotic

photo blog challenge

July’s photo blogging theme at A ‘lil’ HooHaa was Patriotic. Since both the United State and our neighbor to the north, Canada, celebrated Independence Days in July, the challenge might not have been too terribly challenging for those residents. Our Independence Day had a little of everything crammed into it. We started with a day trip to have breakfast and see Bridal Cave at the Lake of the Ozarks (a trip worthy of its own post later), a lakeside lunch, a visit to the great-grands house, and ended with some “light up the sky” activities back home. Truth is, we enjoyed a long three-day weekend and Mother Nature mercifully agreed not to rain on anyone’s parade for the holiday fun.

So here’s my patriotic five:

1. Peanut’s Patriotic Pedicure
Because one simply cannot go into the holiday with naked toenails.
patriotic pedicure

2. Patriotic Pals
Peanut and one of her three puppers.
peanut tanner

3. Patriotic Peanut (with a sparkler)
Thank you Pinterest for the idea of using a Solo cup as a “hand guard”!
peanut sparkler

4. Patriotic Pops
A last minute stop for some fireworks on the way back from the cave ended up being quite a show in the driveway.

5. Patriotic Popsicle
Our littlest star-spangled firecracker in her own right.
Twix popscicle

That’s my five for the month. Don’t forget to stop by PJ’s on July 31st and enjoy the other celebrations.

12 thoughts on “July Photo Challenge: Patriotic

  1. OMG, Lisa…I love the red, white and blue toe nails. They’re brilliant! You go, Peanut!

    And that photo of the Peanut holding the sparkler is faaaaaabulous!

    Great selection of patriotic images, my friend. Well done!



  2. I always admire the way your family is featured in your photography. You create a mini family photo album each month. You inspired me to include family members in lots of the photographs I composed while we were on vacation in Iceland. I’ve just started going through the almost two thousand photographs from our holiday and I can already tell that the ones that include hubby and/or sons trigger much more detailed memories that the pure landscapes. So thank you very much – for prompting the shift in my focus and for the monthly reminders to keep my family in my frames.


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