It’s midsummer already!?

July 2015

True to form, my July collage comes in mid-August. 🙂

This is one of my favorite quotes. And it could ‘t come at a more perfect time. Lately, it’s been a struggle to keep a positive frame of mind. The Terrible Twos have hit Twix at 18 months, along with the incessant teething. She’s just fine as long as someone is interacting with her. But the second she’s put down and my attention turns back to working at my desk….all bets are off. Peanut has been keeping busy with crafts and online educational games….but even she has had her fair share of whine as summer vacay continues.

July was a busy month. Beginning with the Independence Day long weekend when we took a day trip to see Bridal Cave at the Lake of the Ozarks…a most magnificent sight. Family BBQs, a visit from the Kansas City area great-grands, an anniversary getaway for Entrepreneur and me, and play dates for Genna kept us busy. And, of course, pool time…when the sun and temps decided to cooperate.

Unfortunately, the garden is a wash…literally. We ripped out and replanted the corn; the tomatoes were a disaster; the okra is only about 2 feet high and the deer have decided to eat them. None of the replanted green beans came up. Very disappointing. With the outdoors not very desirable, we turned our attention to inside painting projects and other home renovations.

And school begins again next week! Can you believe it?

All this translates to very little time to get creative with much of anything. And even less time making the rounds to see everyone.

Hopefully, Autumn will lend itself to more right-brain endeavors. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “It’s midsummer already!?

  1. Oh poor Twix!
    And poor Grandma too!!!
    I hope things slow down for you soon.
    I am sure back to school will help with that.
    I remember my kids getting all sorts of cranky at the end of the summer.
    Even though they never admitted it, by the end of the summer, they were more than ready to go back to school.


  2. How quickly summer has flown by! Yours sounds like it was very busy!!! Such pretty pictures. I love the little bird. Happy Anniversary! Sorry about your garden. I buy my vegetables. We also did some wall painting inside the house.

    Our two grandsons spent a few days with us this past week when my daughter was sick and my son-in-law was out of town. Terrible twos have arrived here, too. I was hit in the face with a game controller during a tantrum. When they can’t communicate verbally, they show their frustration in the most inappropriate ways. I calmly removed the remote, explained that it was not nice to hit, and that caused more two-year-old drama in the form of crying. But when he isn’t having a tantrum, he is the cutest, sweetest little boy. His big brother, who is five, really looks out for him, too. He is the great protector and he is already trying out his debating and negotiation skills 🙂


  3. a very busy summer! hope you can enjoy your littles just a little longer… it goes so fast. my littlest “little” is 16 and driving herself to school now. miss our drives in the car. your pictures are lovely! thank you for stopping by leaving your sweet thoughts!


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