And then summer was gone……an August collage

August 2015

I did it! I actually got a monthly calendar done on time…even a couple of days early! Here is a snapshot of August in middle Missouri.

It was a strange summer; never getting into the triple-digit, dog days of August we’re used to here in the Heartland. And it was rainy most of the summer. We finally surrendered to Mom Nature and the deer on the veggie garden, but enjoyed beautiful flowers that normally succumb to the dry, hot days of August. There were toads to catch (and release), cicada shells to discover, praying mantis to watch, butterflies to chase, bikes to ride, pools to lounge in and popsicle to eat.

School began entirely too soon around mid-month and Peanut is now in first grade. Her sister is toddling around testing the limits of my patience. Entrepreneur continues to find “projects” to complete around the house. To date, we’ve replaced carpeting in a couple of rooms, refaced the gas fireplace with new tile and painted lots of walls. Outside he revamped part of the yard to redirect water run-off, painted the garage doors and trimmed up all our trees.

I tried something different on my collage this time. I attempted to give the photos a wash to soften the colors, and added a texture to some of them. The effect isn’t as dreamy as what I’m looking for but maybe it’s a start in the right direction. I felt like I needed to grow a few brain cells and try something new.

Linking up with Mona’s Picturesque and her monthly photo collages.

8 thoughts on “And then summer was gone……an August collage

  1. Yes, it’s hard to believe summer is almost over. It didn’t get as hot this year or last as in years past. Hmmm, so much for Global warming?


  2. Oh my, the little one has really grown and all that pretty hair. They’re both so pretty. I’ve missed posting a collage to Mona’s….not much chance for getting out and about to take pictures this Summer with my car on its last leg pretty much, but your post reminded me to try to put one together so thanks. It seems like Summer never really happened or at least, as you say also, the one we’re use to with all the rain early on, and then it just got humid. We finally bit the dust and bought air conditioners since hubby’s breathing isn’t the best, this year the humidity got to him. We always said we preferred the windows open and get use to the heat, but then triple digits isn’t our norm and thank God we didn’t have them this Summer as we did the past two, but as we age I think the humidity bothers us more than use to. Also, we sadly closed a chapter in our lives, which we really didn’t want to. We sold our little place at the lake. Hubby just couldn’t do it this Summer, but he tried so just wasn’t that fun anymore. Was sad at first thinking someone was in my new pretty camper we’d just bought a few years ago, and no more lounging on the lake on Summer days, but it was time and I’m over it. We caved and didn’t get near what everything was worth and that bugged me for a bit, but needed to not have that worry of upkeep anymore.

    Glad your hubby is doing better and keeping busy. Those little ones are so cute and bet so fun.


  3. Summer really has passed all too quickly.
    Peanut already in 1st grade??? That goes by all too quickly too. 😦
    I really love your edits on these, Lisa.

    You have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo.


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