Seven things I want my seven-year-old grandchild to know

green Peanut

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Well, those seven years went by fast. I have a hard time believing Peanut is now SEVEN YEARS OLD! Yesterday was her birthday and, per the norm, the day was a blur of activity. In addition to baking and taking the obligatory class snack to school, it was also Picture Day. Being a good Nana, I chauffeured her to school on her special day. I also got to hang with her and the other six to eight year olds in Peanut’s first/second grade classroom for picture day, birthday snacks and the rest of the morning through lunch time.

Thinking about everything that has happened over the past seven years to bring her to this point, I’m inspired to commemorate the beginning of Peanut’s seventh year with the following seven things for our little pocket rocket to remember:

  1. Brushing your teeth and hair every day is a life skill you need to embrace.
  2. The “No” you hear from Mama, Nana and Papa is not designed to make your life miserable. Sometimes it’s not in anyone’s best interest to watch TV all day in your jammies…unless you’re sick and then it’s perfectly acceptable. No, you cannot climb on the counters to get something out of the top cabinet no matter how independent you think you are. No, as much as you think it’s NOT FAIR, you cannot stay up with the grown ups on a school night. No, you cannot have candy for breakfast. And check that seven-going-on-seventeen attitude of yours….it’s only going to lead to more Nos. We’ve been tasked with the awesome responsibility of keeping you safe and building character to make you a responsible person. And NO means NO….unless you catch Nana in just the right mood. Oh, and please realize that there will be tons of “Yeses” along the way when the time is right.
    Peanut attitude
  3. Yes. Eat Cheetos. Whenever possible.
  4. Your great-grandparents think you walk on water and refuse to believe otherwise…despite evidence to the contrary.
  5. Your sister will not always be getting into your things…..okay, she will, but she might ask first….okay, she won’t ask, but someday she’ll have stuff you want to steal borrow without asking.
  6. YOU have control over how you feel and how you act/react. No one else. The giggles shared between friends is wonderful, but there will be a day when someone does something to hurt you or that you don’t like. How you react and the decisions you make is completely up to you. Don’t get me wrong, what you’re feeling is real but it doesn’t need to ruin your day. Learn how to forgive for your own sanity and peace of mind. And remember Nana will always be there to talk to when you think others have failed you.
  7. Sometimes life is scary. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to try new things or give change a chance. There will always be first day of school jitters. There will always be new skills to accomplish. There will be lots of times you are the new kid and won’t know anyone. There will always be times when you need to roll with the punches even when you don’t like what is going on. We have control over very little in life. It’s best to look for the positives in a situation and trust that things are happening for a reason. And remember Nana will always be there to talk to when life gets scary.

And, I’m adding a bonus one….like the “extra candle to “grow on.”

Keep your faith strong. There will be times when you’re tempted to question God’s decisions. And that’s okay. But know it’s vitally important you feed your faith as you grow…even when you’re “all grown up.” If you don’t feed your faith, it will be like any other living thing that is neglected….it will die. Keep praying. Keep learning. Keep company with those who can help you become a godly woman. They are earth’s angels that are sent to guide you when the answers are not obvious.

Happy Birth Day Peanut. You are a shining light in our lives and we never want to live life without you.

Your Nana

10 thoughts on “Seven things I want my seven-year-old grandchild to know

  1. Time goes way too fast, doesn’t it? Love your advice. Why is it little girls start school and immediately become superior to the world; boys, at least, wait till about 11 to get that way. ***based on personal experience only.


  2. Such a pretty little Peanut! I can’t believe how quickly she and Twix are growing up!
    I hope someday to have a couple of those precious packages (grandchildren) in our family!


  3. What awesome advice. If the whole world adopted that for their children to grow on, I really think things might be a bit better. Some of that I was raised on and my children had rules, and yes, they veered off now and again, but have found their way on the straight and narrow in life, and are raising their children with some of those reminders of life that you’ve given Peanut. How fun when we get to visit school. Papa and I are going tomorrow for grandparent’s day for our now 4th grader grandbabykins (grandson)…still hard not to call him babykins. haha Happy Birthday Peanut!!! hope she had an awesome day, it sounds like she did. So, so cute.


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