Quotography: October

pumpkin spice 72

Cinnamon Spice and everything nice,
that’s what Octobers are made of.

Not sure if this quote appears anywhere….I thought of it the other day and checked Google (because she knows everything). I didn’t see anything that mentioned this exact phrase so I’m claiming it as mine.

Update on Entrepreneur: the scans done at the end of September came back unchanged. He is now on a 6-month scan rotation. This is great news. The docs are cautioning us to not get too confident as they believe, because of his surgery, his immune system is still suppressing any cancer that may be present. Time will tell, but in them meantime, we are breathing a sigh of relief and thanking God for any extensions.

October is shaping up to be as busy as September with family events, pumpkin festivals, a wedding and a weekend road trip to watch the Tigers play.

The trees have started changing colors a bit. The main event is still a couple weeks away, but anticipation is building. I’m not sure how good a show it will be. We had such a strange summer with all the rain up front and nothing really past July. I did get a ton of daffodil bulbs planted…as my back and shoulders will testify!

Hope your Monday is off to a wonderful start.


3 thoughts on “Quotography: October

  1. I am so glad that Entrepeneur is doing well and pray that it continues that way. We are having an unusually warm fall this year – wondering what kind of winter will follow.


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  3. that shot and sentiment are perfect for October. I’ve got to browse through your posts and do some catch up. I’m finally feeling well enough to tend all my babies again and I’m finding it hard to find spare minutes. How are things going for you and your family? I think of you often.


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