Quotography & LTTL: Smile


A smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect.
It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with.

We all know them. The people who seem happy and smile all the time. Irritating, aren’t they? They’re the ones who see the glass half full. They trade in their lemons for limes and make mojitos. Regardless of what happens in their life, they try and look for the positive side of every situation. Or, at least they look for alternatives that might make their future better. They smile.

We all know them. The people who seem unhappy all the time. Irritating, aren’t they? They are the ones who see the glass as half empty….and it’s always someone else’s fault that their happiness was poured out. They seem lost in their misery and are consumed with the life they could have had if only…..…They dwell in the past and are reluctant to change any mindset/actions that would help them create a different future. They seem to be perpetually contentious and argumentative.

Which are you?

Me? Probably a little of both but would like to be more like the first group….as irritating as they are. I believe the secret in living this sort of life is to concentrate on being grateful for what I do have in my life at any given point in time. If I’m always consumed by what my life coulda, woulda, shoulda been, I completely miss what I’m being given today to appreciate. When I rewire my brain to notice the things I’ve been graciously given, even the little things are seen from a totally different perspective.

But that rewiring is difficult, isn’t it? Especially when we’re surrounded by reminders of what we’re missing; what achievements others are enjoying; what we don’t have in our lives. If you are not constantly reminded of that, then you probably don’t have a Facebook page.

So if you see me smiling, know my life is far from perfect. My home is organized chaos all. the. time. At any given point in time, my children and/or grandchildren are causing me stress. Know there are a numbers of situations and circumstances that are far from what I envisioned them to be a few years ago. Bad things happen in the blink of an eye. And you can rest assured that if I was in charge, many things would be vastly different.

But I’m not in charge. Oh, yes, I can have an impact on situations with the choices and decisions I make. And, I’m totally in charge of how I respond to any given situation. In reality, the only thing I’m really in charge of is whether to smile…..or not. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Quotography & LTTL: Smile

  1. What is “perfect” anyway? If we had everything, we would want something more. It’s just how we are. You are so right – how we react to what life hands out is entirely up to each of us. At some point in my life, I figured out that anger takes too much energy – although I am finding myself feeling a good deal of anger these days as I read/listen to the news. So I shut out the world and watch the visitors outside my window and the furry girls inside my home and smile at their antics. Sometimes even laugh. When I’m feeling especially expansive, that is.

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  2. Great thoughts here. I am trying to improve in this area. That is why for the Good, The random, The fun I put under good that I know how to give an i.v. to a cat. I did not necessarily want that skill, but it *is* a good one to have, Blessing and I both like greatly your photo.

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  3. Gorgeous photo and honest, transparent thoughts. Life is far from easy all of the time, but a grateful attitude sure helps us to see the beauty in the midst of the mess.

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  4. There was a time when I lived with one for in the past and one for in the future. That is no way to live. You so poignantly state the key to contentment – gratitude for the present moment. And the only thing any of us can control is oneself. If we think otherwise, we delude ourselves. I end every day grateful for God’s grace – and my life is fast from perfect. This is a great post, Lisa.

    P.S. I didn’t know someone had a quotography challenge. I love those.

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  5. Very real honesty poured out here friend. I am a mojito kind of gal. It may not seem like it on the blog lately, but I believe there is always a silver lining… like we packed our truck only to find it was 2000 pounds over weight. Which means a trip back down here to get the rest of the furniture. The silver lining? The lights on our trailer started working (miraculously) as we pulled away just as the sun was setting. Seeing the good is better for my health, although it is not always easy, and almost always a purposeful choice. Thanks for always posting to LTTL. I really enjoying reading your words and seeing a bit of your heart.

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