The name game

I’m stealing borrowing taking a prompt from Roger over at Ramblin’ with Roger for this post. I thought it looked like fun and enjoyed reading his answers and commentary. And since the muse is still hit or miss, this might be good filler.

1. Last name? Fischer

2. An animal? Oh, decisions, decisions! Flamingo? Frog? Falcon? Ferret? (um, no). I finally decided on this little cutie; the Bat-Eared Fox. Native to the savannah of south Africa, it is losing habitat to development. We saw this one at the Kansas City Zoo. Peanut and The Investigator think she would make a great pet.
bat ear fox

3. A boy’s name: While there are a lot of boy names starting with F, none are wildly popular in this day and age. I’ve not run across a Forrest, Fineas or a Festus lately. Likewise, a Fritz, Franz or Fabio. So, after scouring all the ancestral trees, I’m choosing Frank….Entrepreneur’s great-grandfather. Born in 1870 in Austria, he emigrated to the US with his family when he was about 10 years old. He married in 1899 and died in 1961 at 81 years.
Stubinger 1899

4. A girl’s name: The only girl F name in the tree is Fanny and she’s not a direct descendent. So, I’m choosing Francisca….because I love how it sounds and visions of a captivating woman come to mind when I hear it.

5. An occupation? I can go down-to-earth and go with Farmer…or go flamboyant and go with Fashion Designer. Your choice.

6. A color? Forest Green. I did this one when I was doing Project 64.
forest green

7. Something you wear? I’m not a hat person, but if I were, it would be a fedora.

8. A beverage? I make a fabulous fruit smoothie with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, honey, yogurt and milk. Yummy.

9. A food? French Fries? Naawwww….too common. Fondant would satisfy my sweet tooth but I’m choosing the Feta cheese on top of my salad.

10. Something found in bathroom? Ohheemgeeee…..the list is long. Along with fluffy towels, I find fluoride toothpaste, facial cleanser, faucets, fingernail clippers, floss…and a face in the mirror.

11. A place? Florence… in Italy. In the top five for vacay destinations on my bucket list.

12. A reason you’re late? Most of the time it’s because I failed to plan accordingly.

13. Something you shout? FORE! A word shouted just before a golf ball careens off in a direction not intended by the player. I bet a different word came to your mind, didn’t it?Shame on you.

14. Something you hate? Frog legs. I don’t eat swamp food.

15. A band? Oh my….which decade would you want to hear? Four Tops (50s & 60s), Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons (60s & 70s), Fleetwood Mac (70s and 80s). Pick your listening pleasure.

What’s on your list?


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