Stirring the gypsy in us with the October calendar

October 2015-72

There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir;
we must rise and follow her; when from every hill of flame,
she calls and calls each vagabond by name.

~William Bliss Carmen

Well, another October is now on the books. Where is the year going? I was wondering if our Autumn would be a bit bland with the strange summer weather we had. I need not have worried. Lady Autumn did not disappoint. Although if you didn’t drop whatever you were doing to see her, there’s a good chance you missed most of the show.

I found this quote and immediately fell in love with it. There is something about the blaze of color in October that stirs the soul. Is that true for you? It may be the warmth of the color or the fact that the colors seem to appear overnight. Whatever it is, it seems to spark an immediacy in me….because in just a few short days the leaves are falling like rain and the riot of color is finished. Maybe my soul knows that, like Autumn color, life is like that as well. Moments appear and disappear….and they don’t wait until we think we have time to appreciate them. We must make time because if we don’t consciously make time to enjoy life, we may find it’s passed us by and left nothing but memories and regrets.

Like so many other months this year, October was a mixed bag of emotional ups and downs. With Entrepreneur’s unchanged scans behind us, we’re headed towards the holidays with a new perspective from last year. We’re trying to take more time to enjoy life and not passing up opportunities to create memories. I’m working on my attitude….I’m sad to say it’s been a bit surly lately. I’m hoping the change in seasons will spark a change in my outlook. My muse has returned, and is waiting rather impatiently for me to acknowledge her. I did take her along when The Investigator and I dragged coerced bribed took Peanut and Twix outside to try and capture some memories in the Autumn splendor.

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5 thoughts on “Stirring the gypsy in us with the October calendar

  1. October stirs my heart and soul too. For me, it is the beauty of the curtain closing out summer and the busy-ness that seems to come with it; the opening of the curtain of the slower, quieter season of winter.

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  2. Oh my goodness… your second paragraph… yes, yes, yes! I loved every morsel you wrote there. You, my friend, are forever a kindred spirit of mine. I am so glad we made one chance to meet, and bond.

    On a side note, my muss is calling my name too…. doesn’t that feel wonderful. Now, to make time for her back in my life.

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  3. Lisa, I can’t tell you how MUCH I love this post! All of what you said rings true for me as well, and is very much how I feel about Autumn and this time of the year.

    Like you, my creative muse has returned after a long hiatus over the summer. Autumn always makes me feel more alive; stirring my my soul.

    Gorgeous photographs! I too spent the past several days outside taking photographs of the trees and their beautiful leaves.

    Fabulous quote too!

    Enjoy this season, my friend!

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  4. Love the quote and what a riot of color indeed. Our colors were kind of dull this year. Snow froze them before they really changed and now the frozen leaves are dropping off the trees.


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