Songography and LTTL: Dreaming of a place

Bauer-For D

Artist: Rudolf Baur; Title: For D; Medium: Pen and ink on paper; Price: $24,000

And I’m dreaming of a place
Where I could see your face
And I think my brush would take me there
~The Painter Song, Norah Jones

Our church heavily promotes the arts of all types…Literary, Film, Music, Visual. But it’s not limited to art in the “sacred” sense. There is no sacred or secular because everything beings to our Creator. Humans were created so it’s ingrained in our DNA that we must create…in one form or another. And, conversely, we are wired to appreciate what others create. Works of art, regardless of the  medium or genre, tells a story about the artist. We may not always like what we see, hear or read, but the art always speaks of deeper insights into the artist’s worldview, culture, hopes, dreams, fears and values. And for that reason, our church encourages Christians not to wall themselves away and only appreciate the “sacred” arts, but to engage in culture and develop a biblical appreciation of the details and craftsmanship that goes into every artist’s work. Art in every form conveys powerful feelings and ideas…sometimes overt but, many times, covert.

So, when it was announced they were hosting a special exhibit of original artwork from a few well-recognized masters, I may have been the first to register. Original works from Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Rudolf Bauer, Marc Chagall, Robert Kipniss, Roberto Matta and Joan Miró were brought in from a local gallery and displayed on the walls of the reception area. I have to admit, the monetary values attributed to some of the works escaped my understanding, but I alway tried to find something to appreciate in each one even when it didn’t appeal to me (aka: Marc Chagall).


Light appetizers and wine were offered and viewers were visually treated to works of art most of us would otherwise never have the opportunity to see. And I’m going to now share a few of my favorites with you. Click the artist links to learn more about their life, impact on the visual arts, and the motivation behind their artistic passion.

Salvador Dali

Dali-le Centaure

La Divine Comédie: Inferno Canto 25 – Le Centaure, 1960; 71/150; Color Wood Engraving; $8,500

Joan Miró

Miro-Constellations 12 copy

Constellations: 12 – Le 13 l’échelle Frôlé le firmament (On the 13th the Ladder Brushed the Firmament), 1959; 240/350; Pochoir; $12,500

Pablo Picasso

Picasso-red earthenware

Tete De Femme A La Couronne De Fleurs, 1964; 57/100; Red Earthenware Plaque; $65,000

In the end, my left-brained Entrepreneur and I had a lovely time. I feel fortunate to be part of a church family that respects cultural differences even when they differ from our understanding of biblical teachings. Repeatedly, we are encouraged to challenge our cultural stereotypes and find the common ground that allows us to treat others with dignity, grace and understanding. Through their support of the arts, the message of thoughtful consideration and respect comes through loud and clear when it comes to engaging with cultural and worldview differences.

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10 thoughts on “Songography and LTTL: Dreaming of a place

  1. “we are encouraged to challenge our cultural stereotypes and find the common ground that allows us to treat others with dignity, grace and understanding. Through their support of the arts, the message of thoughtful consideration and respect comes through loud and clear when it comes to engaging with cultural and worldview differences.”

    I think that’s awesome, Lisa! Your church sounds like such a wonderful community! I love their willingness to stay open to all forms of art; encouraging its members to branch out.

    Sounds and looks like you had a lovely evening. I like your selection of paintings. Love the one by Dali!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

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  2. I think this is wonderful, Lisa, and what a wonderful way to spend some time.
    Like you, some of the “beauty” in these escapes me (the Picasso), but when you really look at the detail in it, it’s really quite amazing.

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  3. WOW…how I admire your church’s direction to emphasize the arts of all types! Fantastic! Looks like a wonderful evening of art and fellowship. Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.

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  4. What an awesome event. I am a huge fan of the arts, and in particular seeing art in person. It is simply mind-blowing what you miss in a picture of a piece of art.

    One of my favorite memories of Europe was visiting the Van Gogh Museum with my two littles. We were studying his Starry Night. They both just stood there in awe, neck craned (they were 6 and 8) neither of them speaking. Finally my girl speaks up and says with such passion, “it is so much better in person!” They stood there and looked at that painting, discussing it for almost 30 minutes.

    I love that your church is embracing this perspective and promoting it.

    Lisa at Life Thru the Lens

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  6. What a cool church! I love visiting art museums, but I have never had art brought into any church I have attended. It is interesting to not make a distinction between sacred and secular, embracing the things that connect us, rather than seeking to find things that divide us.

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