One month down…….

January 2016-72

January brought the need to find Peanut’s old snow bibs so Twix could go outside and really experience snow now that she’s more interactive. And interact she did. Saturday, January 9th brought a few inches of the white stuff….just enough for a bit of sledding in the yard. I knew something was coming when I looked at the feeders and saw flocks of birds descending upon all of them. But the forecasted 4-7 inches turned into only 2-3 inches, so crisis averted. But you would have thought, by the bird activity, that we were going to be snowed in for days. Peanut and Papa did venture our last week to burn the brush pile and play in the snow.

January also brought family birthdays and good excuses to get together for dinner. And birthday tulips. And birthday carnations. Other than that, it was a quiet month inside and out. I’m really working on staying true to my Word for 2016.

And a huge thank you to Mona’s Picturesque for generously offering another photo collage for 2016.

Linking up with Mona’s Picturesque and her month in photos.

9 thoughts on “One month down…….

  1. Oh Lisa, what a PRECIOUS photo collage! Twix looks adorable in Peanut’s snow bib. And I love the picture of the cat. What a great capture!

    We had a really severe snow blizzard last week, however, it melted very fast. There is literally nothing left. Yet, I have a feeling that winter is not even close to being over and that we’ll be getting more snow in the two months.

    Have a super week, my friend!

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