Monthly Photo Challenge: Leap

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We should have seen it coming, but I think PJ threw everyone for a loop with his prompt this month: Leap. All my pics this time are from the vacay we took this month to run away from winter. Prior to leaving, we were stupid, crazy busy and when we returned, re-entry was a bit rough. So, this is really all the photography effort I have to show for the entire month.

Leap (into the unknown) #1: As creatures of habit, we have taken a winter vacay for the past 8 years to Cancun, Mexico. We’ve been so many times, it’s almost second nature to us when we get there on where to go, what to do, how to get around, etc. It’s comfortable. It’s predictable. So, this year we changed it up and took a leap into the unknown…to the other side of Mexico and landed in Los Cabos for the very first time. Many aspects are typically “Mexico” but, for me, the feel was completely different.
Los Cabos arch

Leap (of faith) #2: In light of Entrepreneur’s cancer diagnosis the end of 2014, we were not totally sure we would be all together on vacay in 2016. But we took a leap of faith and booked our winter vacay nine months in advance anyway.

Leap (of faith) #3: Peanut and her godmom, The Golfer, took a leap of faith the iguanas in their hands would play nice. We were surprised Peanut even agreed to this experience in the first place since she didn’t exactly leap at the chance to get up close and personal with the lizard.

Leap (of faith) #4: The Investigator took a leap of faith the end of last year and resigned from her Children’s Services position. Although she loved the work, she realized the long hours and high demands placed on the investigators for the money they are paid was not worth sacrificing her family life, health and sanity. She resigned without having another position in hand and took a leap of faith she would find something better. She is now a corporate recruiter for a large company headquartered in middle Missouri. And life is starting to look up for her and her two daughters. I suppose you could call her change a quantum leap in a more positive direction. She will now be referred to as The Recruiter.

Leaps (and bounds) #5: Twix officially turned two years old earlier this month, and no one can deny she is growing by leaps and bounds. Even though the terrible twos have arrived in force, she is a delight to be around and was a lot of fun to be around on vacay this year.

There’s my five for the 2016 leap year. Jump on over to PJ’s tomorrow, February 29th, to see what leaps others made in February!

9 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: Leap

  1. Lisa, what a faaaaaaaaabulous selections of photographs for this theme. They’re all wonderful! I especially love the one of your entire family on the beach. You all look so happy, relaxed and carefree! Isn’t it great to take a vacay? You come back feeling renewed.

    Congrats to your daughter for taking a leap of faith and landing that great job. Yahooo!

    What a precious photo of Twink in her movie star sunglasses! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip, my friend! And btw, I LOVE your new blog them look. It feels so fresh and spring-like. Awesome header too!

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  2. Love your choice of five, and the leaps you have all made. I could not do the Investigator job – it would be emotionally wrenching, I think – and I wish the Recruiter the very best in her new venture. Wishes for a wonderful leap year for all of you!

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  3. Lisa, I think you imagination leapt into action to figure out how to fit your vacation photographs into this month’s challenging theme. Such a lovely recap of your vacation. Even though we’re enjoying a very mild winter, you’ve sparked a bit of yearning for a getaway to somewhere even warmer.

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  4. This is why I love this photo challenge and why I try and keep it going each month. I love when people think outside the box, yet still come full circle with their photos to make the theme make sense. You have some wonderful images for this theme. And the stories for each work so well. The photo with the lizard is incredibly awesome. The photo of the recruiter (your daughter??) is excellent as you can see a relaxed feel and then the story with it goes perfectly with it. Great family shot, too. Hope you had an amazing vacation!


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