Quotography: Green

Green is the soul of Spring
Summer may be dappled with yellow
Autumn with orange and
Winter with white but
Spring is drenched with the colour of green
~Paul F. Kortepeter, Tea with Victoria Rose

Ha! I bet you thought I’d pick something related to St. Paddy’s Day for Quotography’s prompt of Green. Nope. Not this German. However, I will do the obligatory corned beef and cabbage on Thursday for dinner. 🙂

The earth is waking up here in middle Missouri. The rain has greened up the grass and most of my daffs are in bloom. Birds have found their voices again and the sound of new frogs in the creeks drift in and out of the open windows all day long. But I can’t help but remember Spring Break a few years ago that brought 10 inches of snow!

The beginning of Spring always holds such promise. We’re planning out the garden again and hoping this year will be better than last…couldn’t be much worse. New fencing will hopefully keep the bunnies and deer out, and if Mom Nature turns off the faucet in a reasonable amount of time, we just might enjoy some home-grown veggies. Peanut is an old hand at gardening, and it should be fun to watch Twix in the dirt this year.

Playing Quotography along with Kelley at The Road Goes Ever On

4 thoughts on “Quotography: Green

  1. Green is the color of spring, although around here it seems yellow is the first color we see. Daffodils, crocus and forsythia. Here in Utah the weather fluctuates from day to day. One day it’s so warm we are out in our shirt sleeves getting sunburnt and the next day it is snowing and we are back in our winter coats. By the end of May it evens out and we have nice weather. The birds are in full chorus. I do enjoy listening to them. Have a nice day and enjoy your spring.

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  2. Lisa, I LOVE the color green. In fact, it’s my all-time favorite color. There is something so happy, calming and healing about the color green.

    We had a couple of gorgeous Spring-like days last week, you could feel it in the air. Sunny, and not too cold or too hot.

    Love your photograph. The quote as well!

    Have a fantabulous week, my friend!


  3. it sounds like a wonderful time to look forward to, Lisa, especially the kids gardening.
    We had a historically mild winter, and yet I’ve never looked forward to spring more than I am this year.


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