Photo Challenge: Three


PJ’s challenge this month is Three…to commemorate three years of people sharing photos with each other in this bloggy community. This was harder than I thought it would be and really made me think….which, many times, really hurts.


So, here’s what I came up with to celebrate The Photo Blogging Challenge turning THREE!.

Three #1: Three-leaf clovers
Even though March should be the month of four-leaf clovers and shamrocks, there’s not a lot of those in my yard. But….hallelujah…I have tons of three-leafed ones! What? They aren’t good luck? No matter. I don’t believe in luck or coincidence anyway.3-leaf clover

Three #2: Three Easter eggs
Since Easter falls in March this year, here are three eggs I have in my Easter stash of decorations. They have a crackle finish and I’ve always thought they looked exceptionally pretty.eggs

Three #3: Three peas in a pod
Papa and his grand girls spending some quality, bonding time picking up fallen sticks and tree limbs in the yard. Oh, yeah, he offered to pay Peanut for her help. Twix thinks being outside with them is reward enough.Papa with kids

Three #4: Tropical Triptych
This is a wrapped canvas triptych of a Cancun beach from one of our family vacays. The great thing about this photo is it’s one Peanut took with my camera!tryptich

Three #5: Three Puppers
I was at a loss for the fifth shot so I cheated. Oh yes, I did. However, I did take all three….just not this month. Anyway, this digital triptych is of the three, awesome puppers I had the honor of raising and loving over the course of my 35 married years. Bandit was a full-size Collie, Sundance and Tanner were both Golden Retrievers. They are now waiting together at the Rainbow Bridge.
three dogs 72

There’s my five “threes” to celebrate PJ’s three years hosting this fantastic challenge. Don’t forget to swing by his place on March 31st to check out the triple fun others had this month.

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Three

  1. I’m loving all your photos lisa. the 3 eggs look pretty and i think the shadows around the bottom of the eggs add to the image. Your 3 dogs look beautiful..they look so kind and sundance is a really good name for a golden retriever. Nice work and well done Peanut for the beach holiday shot..really good composition.

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  2. OHHHH the puppy picture! It is so moving!!!!!!! What an excellent idea and such a great tribute to the puppies. I pray all of mine will be at rainbow bridge as well. I can’t wait to see them again. 🙂 Great job on the photos!

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  3. *applause and cheers*

    Lisa you did a faaaaabulous job with this theme, which by the way, I too think would be hard to come up with.

    LOVE the ALL! You’re right about the three eggs, they are exceptionally beautiful. And that final shot of the three doggies touched me deeply. What sweet and loving faces each one of them had.

    Have a great rest of your weekend, my friend!

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  4. Without clover, there wouldn’t be clover honey. We have three kinds of clover in our Canmore yard, which is pretty much naturalized. The three kinds of clover have three different flowers – white, purple or yellow. The elk seem to like clover, too.

    Grandpa and the girls…absolutely lovely. I figured there would be a few triptychs (is that the proper plural) this month and both of yours are wonderful. Peanut seems to be a natural when it comes to photography. And I really like the creativity and emotion in your last photo this month. So well done!

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  5. Those Easter eggs are pretty wild. Shall we crack them open?? Good work this month on the theme. Love the photo of the cleaning the yard of the sticks and twigs. A cool moment.


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