April Photo Challenge: Vibrant

photo blog challenge

April is usually very vibrant month in middle Missouri with all the spring blooms. So, this month was a fairy easy challenge. Life continues to fly by at warp speed and it seems I’m living hand to mouth in my attempt to keep up. Honestly, I have no idea how I juggled everything way back in my twenties. After all, we have sooooo many time-saving devices now-a-days. 🙂 Oh well, I digress.

So here’s my Vibrant Five.

#1 Vibrant
Leading off is a shot of my creeping phlox along the front walk. The ones that survived last June’s deluge of rain and July heat were especially gorgeous this year.
pink phlox

#2 Vibrant
Spring always rewards us after winter with the bluest blues and the greenest greens. I really love the saturation of color in the sky and grass in this shot. Papa and Peanut love to fly kites….especially ones they get at the dollar store. This one is going on a year without flying into a kite-eating tree.
kite flying

#3 Vibrant
In a ever-increasing, concrete world, Mom Nature simply won’t be beaten. She will always find a way to provide a bit of color despite efforts to the contrary. As Peanut and I walked up the road to the bus stop, we were greeted by a few, stubborn sprigs of greenery who refused to believe they couldn’t grow in asphalt. If sure there is a life lesson here, somewhere.
grass in road

#4 Vibrant
Who needs flowering trees when you have Peanut willing to provide a bit of vibrant, tree-top color. This is her favorite climbing tree…a white pine her godmother, The Golfer, received when she was in fourth grade from her teacher.
peanut in pine tree

#5 Vibrant
Entrepreneur and I took a road trip to see The Golfer in Florida. In addition to a new puppy (to be featured in a later post), she had a gorgeous, blue orchid on her table. I’d never seen a blue orchid before, and the color was so intense.
blue orchid

There’s my five for April. Please take time to visit PJ over at A ‘lil HooHaa to enjoy vibrant April photos from everyone else. Better yet, why not play along with us?


7 thoughts on “April Photo Challenge: Vibrant

  1. Lisa, what a GREAT selection of photographs for this theme! The color you captured in each of them is faaaaaabulous!

    “stubborn sprigs of greenery who refused to believe they couldn’t grow in asphalt. If sure there is a life lesson here, somewhere.”

    You’re right, whenever I see green grass growing through the cracks on the city sidewalk, I think the same thing.

    Love, love, love that final photograph! GORGEOUS!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There’s so much energy and love in that kite flying photo. It makes my heart sing! Thanks for posting that one along with the rest of your vibrant pics.


  3. I’m just catching up… way late on making the rounds! You really captured some vibrance in this month, that’s for sure! The colors! Love the sky with the flying kite! And the little one in the tree is an awesome shot! Well done as normal! 😀


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