Month in photos: July (aka: the Twix edition)

July 2016

Peanut was gone for summer visitation at her dad’s for the entire month of July so she is conspicuously absent in these photos. But Twix had a great July. From the pool to shucking and eating corn on the cob to playdates at the park, she didn’t want for entertainment.

True to form, July flew by with barely a blink of an eye. The temps turned off HOT with heat indices around 110F and the humidity so thick you could almost see the steam rising out of the ground. Because of all the rain we had in June, we rigged up wires running the length of the corn rows; effectively “sandwiching” the stalks between the wires to hold them up until the corn matured. We salvaged a fair amount of corn on the cob to eat for summer dinners. I’ve frozen 13 quarts, which isn’t going to be enough for winter, but it’s better than nothing. I’m going on 17 quarts of green beans canned and tucked away in the pantry plus another 9 pints that I pickled for The Recruiter. More fresh beans are in the frig for summer meals. Okra is coming fast and furious. I swear, you could stand in the garden and watch the stuff grow right before your eyes. Tomatoes got off to a rocky start but are ripening faster than they can be eaten.

All in all, the garden has been a success this year…but it’s been almost impossible to keep up with it this year along with all the work being done at The Recruiter’s new house. Reno continues with new paint, trim and floors. The kitchen has new appliances and some minor reconfiguration of a few cabinets.

Peanut came home yesterday and we’re all so thankful she’s back safe and sound. Just in time to get ready for school! She’s not too happy about missing out on most of the garden corn, but perhaps picking the thousands of cherry tomatoes that are ready will appease her this week. That….and some time in the pool with Papa.

I hope your month was full of summer fun.


5 thoughts on “Month in photos: July (aka: the Twix edition)

  1. It looks like Twix had a wonderful summer, Lisa!
    Gosh I sure wish my garden did as well as yours!
    Firstly, it was killed off by a late frost, so I replanted. Everything.
    Then, about a month ago, the resident deer found it. Need I say more???? 🙂
    Have a wonderful week, my friend! xo.


  2. The littlest is growing like a weed or should I say a beautiful flower. Ohio has been very hot this July also….but we’re surviving. Hubby and I had to laugh and say we must be nuts when the television was warning olders to say inside in front of fans or A/C, and we were doing all our outside work and tearing apart. We made it though, but did give us pause that maybe we were doing too much in that heat. Love corn on the cob. Glad the big sister is back because I know from experience how they are missed when they have the visitation. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful recap of July, Lisa! Yes, hasn’t summer been flying by so quickly? I can’t believe its August already?!

    Beautiful collage! Love the pic of Twix eating corn on the cob – my favorite summertime food.

    “with heat indices around 110F and the humidity so thick you could almost see the steam rising out of the ground.:

    It was the same here. July was sooooooooo hot and humid. However, we are lucky to have gotten a break for the horrendou heat the past few days because it’s much cooler – whew!

    Have a super August, my friend!

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