Fiercely Independent Snuggle Bug

Twix monitoredYesterday, Twix turned THREE! Can you even believe it? To look at her now, you’d never know she was three weeks early. Today, she is a happy, healthy almost preschooler who teeters between fierce independence and being a big snuggle bug.

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Twix is a precocious child that never ceases to amaze me. Her problem-solving skills and deductive reasoning are almost scary. As smart as Peanut is, I believe Twix just might supersede her.

She is perpetual motion from the time she hits the door at 7:50am. Except for (mercifully) her afternoon nap, our days are filled with continual conversation that mainly center around answering her “Why?” questions. She loves everything Dora and putting things together….from Legos to blocks to assembling geometric shapes into different forms. She is mastering preschool academic skills with her Leapstart book and calls it her “laptop.”


Mama (aka The Recruiter), Peanut, Nana and Papa are her world right now. We are here to support, comfort, encourage, teach and, yes, discipline during these years that have been filled with more than a few changes. From the anxious newborn nights when she slept on a bili blanket to her first toddler steps, she knew we were there. From those unsteady first steps, she’s growing into a confident preschooler with a “there-is-no-place-I-can’t-climb-to” attitude. Really, nothing is safe. And don’t even think about leaving her alone for more than…oh, about two minutes.

Memories in the making. Our home is full of them. And their significance is not lost on us, even when the days seem impossibly long waiting for The Recruiter to finish with work. Entrepreneur and I know we’re blessed to have this opportunity to be such an integral part of Peanut and Twix’s lives. Nobody knows what the future holds, so we really try and take those good and not-so-good days and file them away under the heading of “thankful for every moment”….even the bad ones! With Entrepreneur’s cancer scare in 2014, we are keenly aware of how precious these moments are. I know it sounds fatalistic, but we are praying, if cancer returns, it won’t be until all our grands are old enough to really remember just how special and strong this bond is between us.

So, Happy Birth Day Twix! May you continue to become fiercely independent, yet always have a snuggle bug heart. Nana and Papa love you to the moon….and back!


4 thoughts on “Fiercely Independent Snuggle Bug

  1. Gosh, Lisa, I cannot believe it’s been 3 years already. Time has a way of moving so fast. She is just adorable, and she sounds like such a joy.
    Happy Birthday, Sweet Little One!
    You are one very loved little girl.

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  2. For some reason, in the wee hours of the morning when my brain decided to taunt the body that wanted more sleep, I thought about you and Twix – how you were probably dealing with those “terrible twos”. How did she get to be 3 already anyway?!

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  3. “Yesterday, Twix turned THREE! Can you even believe it?”

    OMG, no…I cannot believe she is already THREE, Lisa?!?! I can clearly remember when she was born and the pictures you posted on your blog. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

    Love the second photograph of Twix at three, she’s BEAUTIFUL!

    “Entrepreneur and I know we’re blessed to have this opportunity to be such an integral part of Peanut and Twix’s lives.”

    And I also think that Peanut and Twix are so blessed in having you and Entrepreneur in their lives so closely because so few grandchildren get to have that. I’m sure you touch their lives in so many gifted ways.

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend! And Happy Belated Birthday, Twix! X

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  4. Happy Birthday to your littlekins. It seems your first grandbaby was just a baby. Time sure is going fast. When first met, I was caring for my grandson at the time as his mama and he were living with us, and even after she moved away. I miss him enormously, but grandma’s house just isn’t as interesting to an almost 11 year old now, and his activities fill his days. My daughter has since happily moved on, will finish Nursing school soon, and is getting remarried this July to one I deem a keeper. This time, she seems genuinely happy again. I’m trying to lose some weight so I look decent at her wedding. haha, but then don’t think anyone will really notice. Anyway, Twix is so beautiful as well as her big sister. Time sure flies, and yes, they do seem so smart. Our youngest grandchild is 4 but I call her a miniature adult with the words and conversations that come out of her mouth. I can only imagine your fun days with those babies. ~hugs~ and thanks for visiting me.


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