Well, they are on their way to stay with their dad for a month. The Recruiter, Peanut and Twix left this afternoon to make the trek to Nashville for the hand off for the second leg of their trip to Alabama.

And I’m oddly conflicted.

On one hand, with all that’s happened since February, Entrepreneur and I need a break from the endless energy and incessant “whys” of a three year old. And, having both of them since mid-May when the after-school sitter left college for summer break has been both a joy and a challenge. AND, add the fur baby that arrived the beginning of June and…..well…are you tired yet? We are. We really do need this time to regroup and Entrepreneur needs this time to rest due to chemo fatigue. So, we’re down two children….but training a fur baby.

But, on the other hand, each time they leave, the relief is replaced with worry and concern. Call it parental paranoia or whatever. I’m counting the days until their return. When they hit the door again in mid-July, there won’t be much summer left before those back-to-school and after-school activities begin again. In the meantime, my house will be void of munchkin-size clothing lying around, half-drank beverages in the frig, books, crayons, pencils and toys on every surface in every room. Gone will be the bath toys in my soaker tub, and luvies within arms reach of every bed.

I feel guilty about looking forward to the break…knowing the time we have with them is a gift not afforded to every grandparent. Am I ungrateful for that gift if I’m relieved to be relieved of those child care responsibilities? What if something happens to them while they are gone? I would be devastated knowing I was looking forward to time in the empty nest…even if it was only temporarily.

Such is the life of long-distance visitation.

So we try to pack as much as we can into the few weeks of summer before they have to leave. We did picnics and playgrounds; pool time and popsicles; Peanut and I visited a museum and took in a movie; went to our church’s version of VBS (on steroids); and scheduled horseback riding lessons. Plus, we made sure there were times for just hanging out with nothing organized so the mind could wander uninterrupted.

Please enjoy a few early summer childhood captures of our grandbabykins.

A nosefull of posies.

Yes, she is that high. Zoom lens required.

Picnic pupper and his pal.

The University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archeology; artifacts and art ranging from circa 1550 BCE to the 20th century.

Pool time with Papa.

Sittin’ pretty in the saddle.

He loves me……..

An uninterrupted afternoon.

Mermaids do exist!

She was a little uncontrollable at the sprayground!

The epitome of summer relaxation.

Litter mates.

I think I got a little carried away with my pics. But, I’m sure you’ll forgive me. 🙂 I hope everyone’s summer is off to a wonderful start.


7 thoughts on “Conflicted

  1. No forgiveness necessary, my friend. I truly so enjoyed seeing these wonderful smiling faces. They are growing so fast! I can understand how bittersweet the separation is. Do try to enjoy your break, and most of all, take some time for you.
    Sending you hugs.

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  2. First, I LOVE THE PICTURES, LISA! You know me, I am a picture freak, so I really enjoyed these…they are all so beautiful. I’m especially touched by “Pool time with Papa” because it’s so sweet! And that last photo of the girls and fur baby is soooooooooooo adorable! OMG…anytime you share pictures of that dog, I get the sudden urge to hug and kiss him. He is so cuddly!

    I don’t have children (or grandchildren), however if I did, I have a feeling that I would have the same torn feelings as well – enjoying a short break, but also worrying about and missing them.

    I always said that if I had children, when it came time for them to leave home and go off to collage, I would cry my eyes out. I don’t even have kids, but I know what it would be like to experience the “empty nest syndrome.”

    Enjoy this time quite time with Entrepreneur and recharge, relax, maybe take a day-trip somewhere, and mostly….enjoy some WINE at night! 🙂

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

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  4. Love love love the pics! They grow big so fast, don’t they…

    Now, no grandkids for me yet (my boy-o’s are still definitely too young), but it’s so true that with children – those we love – we need a break from time to time, but never seem to stop worrying!


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