September Photo Challenge: Selfie

Oh my. PJ really pushed me completely outside my comfort zone for September’s photo challenge with to prompt of Selfie!

Love them or hate them, the selfie is here to stay. Interesting how people respond to selfies. Some believe it’s an outcome of our increasingly narcissistic society. Others believe it’s simply an offshoot of the self portrait. Is there a difference? Some say yes, as you will read HERE. Selfies are easy to take, so why was this challenge so difficult for me?

First of all, I don’t think I’m very photogenic. Call it self consciousness or whatever, I don’t really like having my photo taken. Like looking in a mirror, I see every flaw and imperfection magnified 100 times. I suppose I’ve succumb to our culture’s ideals. Sad, I know.

Because of my head trash, I tried to approach this month’s challenge a little unconventionally. The first two shots are the only really, true “selfies” I took this month. The first one is unretouched, SOOC. The second is the result of playing with PhotoShop filters. The rest….well, you can decide.

This next one is technically a selfie, but I tried to make it represent an aspect of my personality. Some might call it an un-selfie. It does include my face, so I’m thinking it falls within the parameters. it was a lot harder to achieve this idea than I thought.

Technically, in our culture, a “Selfie” is a photo taken of yourself with some type of digital camera and shared on social media. Since you must know the rules in order to properly break them, I think we should expand the definition and have a Selfie represent an aspect of our individual Self. Some people think of this as an alternative self portrait….without the portrait part. So, these next two shots represent part of my-SELF… without my face! Perfect.

This “Selfie” represents the aspect of my Self that loves to read. My interests cross all genre of the written word. As you can see here, my collection includes high fantasy, apologetics, science/theology and, represented by the open John Grisham book, novels that range from legal thrillers to historical fiction. I own just about every John Grisham book ever written. If there’s not a book or magazine at arm’s reach, I’ve been known to read a cereal box. 🙂 And curling up with a good book is only made better by accompanying it with a beverage.

And speaking of beverages, this photo of my-SELF represents my love of the fruit of the vine. Like books, my tastes span from budget-friendly to stupid-expensive selections. But, mainly they’re always red. Did you know W.I.N.O.S actually means Women In Need Of Sanity? Yep, for sure.

So there’s my five September Selfies. The bonus one below really is not a Selfie, but I was on a roll and had some fun with PhotoShop to share a bit more about my Self. It hope you can get a better sense of what I’m all about with this alternative un-Selfie portrait.

Please take a few minutes and check out the Selfies over at PJ’s. I’m sure most everyone else played by the rules!



6 thoughts on “September Photo Challenge: Selfie

  1. I like your take on the topic, and the results although looking at the second one, perhaps you should turn the heat down on your curling iron. Your representative selfies would pretty nearly fit me, but your books would be replaced by my iPad, which is where my books are stored. Can you read upside down, like things on a table across from you?

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  2. Only you could put such an interesting twist on this, my friend!!!
    I absolutely LOVE what you did here.
    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but for me, I think it’s the first one. I love, love, love it.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Lisa.

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  3. Lisa, I LOVE that first image of you and Cabo, it’s so dang cute!!!

    I also love the third one down with your camera and smart phone, how clever of you!

    And of course, being a wine lover, really enjoyed the wine glass selfies. I like how you save your wine corks in a glass container, I may start doing that myself.

    ” Did you know W.I.N.O.S actually means Women In Need Of Sanity? Yep, for sure.”


    Love your conclusion photo of you and your husband. Great edit!

    Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, my friend!

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  4. Such a cutie in all of your selfies. Really like how you did the last one with the crayons. You weren’t kidding when you said you like crayons…the large box or out of the box or something like that???? Great take on the selfie prompt. 🙂

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  5. I could have written your opening paragraph, describing myself to perfection! I avoid selfies with extreme diligence!! Your self-portrait idea worked really well and I learned that we have a shared enjoyment of reading of books of all sorts. I also have a preference for traditional form-factor books, but have been known to load up my tablet with ebooks when heading off on a multi-week vacation. And have you tried audiobooks? Today I’ve caught myself doing the dishes when it wasn’t my turn and doing extra sets of exercises in order to listen to just one more chapter! Two thumbs up – one for your creative take on the theme and another for your creative processing.

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