Be a Light in Dark Places

May it be a light to you in dark places when all other lights go out.
~J.R.R. Tolken, The Fellowship of the Ring

Our church created a Magic Tree from an 85-foot-high sycamore tree in our courtyard. It’s an awwwwsome sight to see in person, and I thought it fit perfectly as one of Anne’s Sparks as well as fitting well with Sandee’s Awwww Monday.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. ~Matthew 5:16

There are 38 miles of lights on this tree, with 200,000 bulbs…representing each person in our county. The symbolism is each light reminds us of a person in our community that is precious in God’s sight.

As with each bulb on this tree, may we all strive to be points of light in the dark places of this world….especially when it looks like all the other lights are out. Our love can shine in the darkness and light the way.

Annie at McGuffy’s Reader hosts a blog hop every Monday called Sparks. I’m finding that reading everyone’s “Sparks” is one of the highlights of my week. Her philosophy its simple:

The negative energy in the world has become thick and oppressive. Social media has become a part of this dark, negative storm. There is an obvious universal need for more positive energy and peace. And, we can all be part of this affirmative change.

Also playing along with other awwww-inspiring photos with Sandee’s Awww Mondays at Comedy Plus.


19 thoughts on “Be a Light in Dark Places

    • That is the best tree I have seen yet. Lovely image. Thanks for stopping by Driller’s Place. When you’re ready for another DSLR camera, you might try the previously owned department at B&H Photo. You can get some very good prices there and they are excellent to work with. Just a thought. Have a blessed week.

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  1. Lisa,

    I love this beautiful, beautiful tree with its 200,000 lights! What an inspiration of hope for a dark world! Sharing Jesus’ light with others to see is a great and wonderful witness. Thanks for sharing encouragement from God’s word, and a quote from Tolkien’s novels which parallels Matthew’s instructions to us. Thanks for sharing and blessing my life today!

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  2. Being in the light is such a better place than where there is darkness. Yes, much prefer a world of light. Such pretty colors on the tree…can only imagine how pretty in person. 🙂 Great quote to start the week.

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  3. The tree is beautiful! We are of the same mindset about being lights in the world. I’ve been posting quotes to that effect on my Facebook page. With so much darkness, the world so badly needs the light of God and of His children.

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  4. OMG Lisa, that tree is FAAAAAAAABULOUS! Wow, that is one BIG tree! It’s so beautiful!

    Love the quote you shared too.

    And I love how you expressed this…

    ” may we all strive to be points of light in the dark places of this world….especially when it looks like all the other lights are out. Our love can shine in the darkness and light the way.”


    Hope you’re having a fab week, my friend! Oh, and guess what? We finally got some snow over the weekend, which made things feel “especially” Christmassy!

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  5. This is beautiful. It truly made me a bit teary. The scripture is one of my favourites, too. I often think of the song, “You are the Light of the World”, from Godspell, taken from Matthew 5:14. That is what I want Sparks to do! Thank you for being part of this journey. HUGS.

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