Sparks Monday

Friendship… Is essential to intellectuals.
You can date the evolving life of a mind, like the age of a tree, by the rings of friendship formed by the expanding central trunk.
~Mary McCarthy

I missed last week’s Sparks link up…but I had a good excuse. I’ve been wanting to use this photo for the longest time, and have been searching for the perfect quote to accompany it. Well, last week I found it…..unfortunately, I found it on Thursday.

Entrepreneur cut this dead tree down in our yard last Autumn. I’m always sad when one of our trees don’t make it through the winter. When he cut this one down, I counted the rings to try to estimate how old it was. My best guess is it lived about 40 years. And, my mind went racing…..was it planted intentionally by the owner of the land our neighborhood now occupies? Or, was it dropped by a squirrel as it was gathering seeds and nuts for the winter? Or, maybe it was unceremoniously planted through bird or deer droppings? No clue.

Forty years?! Wow, I was smack in the middle of college when this sapling sprouted. And, like this tree, my life has experienced good years and bad years. And, also like this tree, the “central trunk” of my life has expanded each year with wonderful, supportive friends, some of whom have been in my life longer than 40 years. One thing is for sure, my central trunk of friends are what has kept me grounded as Entrepreneur and I travel his cancer journey. My rings of friendship are still expanding and I’m so incredibly grateful and appreciative of those who offer their prayers and support.

Annie at McGuffy’s Reader hosts a blog hop every Monday called Sparks. I’m finding that reading everyone’s “Sparks” is one of the highlights of my week. Her philosophy its simple:

The negative energy in the world has become thick and oppressive. Social media has become a part of this dark, negative storm. There is an obvious universal need for more positive energy and peace. And, we can all be part of this affirmative change.

8 thoughts on “Sparks Monday

  1. That is a great quote for your photo. I have a love/hate relationship with trees. We have two that to me are too close to the house and I don’t like them when it storms, but love them when the shade from them in Summer is cooling. 🙂

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  2. So well worth the wait, Lisa, this photograph and the quote are absolutely PERFECT for each other! What a beautiful and inspiring post.

    I adore trees and will very often sit in a nearby park under a tree and simply enjoy the love and strength I feel emanating within it. Trees to me, are very nurturing and healing.

    Thanks for the inspiring reminder, my friend!

    P.S And I agree…I receive so much love and support from my friendships.

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