April Photo Challenge

And just like that….April is over and done with. Four months already on the books for 2018, and here we are again with PJ’s photo challenge. April’s prompt was One Person and I admit I didn’t really think about this until…..um….yesterday!

But, today I rallied and went through the April photo folder to make anything something work.

One Person: Entrepreneur
He’s my One Person and we’re going on 38 years this July. God knows we’ve been through a lot together. Nine moves, two daughters, four dogs, four cats (two not really ours, but The Golfer “abandoned” them to move to Florida!), and two grand girls. And now, the latest challenge….cancer…which has racked up two surgeries, 8 months of Bell’s Palsey, radiation and daily oral chemo. But he’s a fighter and we’ll face it together. As Rachel Platten’s song “Stand By You” says,
Even if we can’t find heaven, I’m gonna stand by you.
Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you.
Love, you’re not alone, ’cause I’m gonna stand by you.

One Person: Peanut
The One Person who made me a Nana for the first time in 2008. Our original pocket rocket of a grand girl is now nine years old and one of the loves of my life.

One Person: Twix
And right on Peanut’s heels is her sister, who never ceases to amaze with what comes out of her mouth! Her personality is much, much larger than her little four-year-old frame. Definitely another love of my life.

Cabo’s One Person
I guess that would be me. Other people do help take care of him, but I’m the one he seeks out most often when he wants to play, or go outside, or sleep at my feet, or just thinks someone should be paying attention to him. Nothing thrills him more than when it’s time to throw the ball! He was Entrepreneur’s idea a year ago this month….so I would have company after he’s gone. So, he’s now in this with me for the long haul!

One Person: Old Man Winter
Yes, now I’m grasping for ideas. Old Man Winter has finally released his strangle hold on middle Missouri and Spring, with all her muses, has finally arrived. That means the windows are thrown open to let in the warmer air and scents of blooming trees and bushes. I have a Korean Spice Viburnum under this window, and the scent that’s drawn into the house through the window is heavenly.

I’m closing with what just might be the most famous “one person” quote of all time.

To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world. ~Dr. Seuss

Check out the Photo Blogging Challenge over at PJ’s and enjoy who other’s featured as their One Person….Or would it be One People? 😀
(P.S. He’s a bit behind, so you might give him one more day before you look for his PBC post.)

9 thoughts on “April Photo Challenge

  1. Your posts are always so great to read a catch up on since finding you on the net. Been few years now as I remember I was babysitting my 4th grandson and toddler at the time. He’s now in middle school….way too soon. Great photos and post for the April challenge. ~hugs~

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  2. Oh Lisa, each and everyone of these photographs are perfect for this photo challenge. I especially love the one of Entrepreneur because he looks so strong, happy, and well!

    *clapping and cheering*

    So glad to read that Spring has finally hit your area. Aren’t the sights and scents of spring fabulous? What a joy! I keep spending time outside with my camera, trying to capture as much of spring as I can before it’s over.

    Love the quote you shared by Dr. Seuss. Stellar!

    Have a grrrrreat rest of your week, my friend!

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  3. If there is something that supports a cancer patient in addition to all the powerful meds and treatments, it’s the loving support of family and friends. He looks determined, and I have faith in him to kick this cancer’s butt!!!
    Looks like Peanut was born the same year as my son. 2008 was a great year, wasn’t it.
    Hang in there! 💖

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  4. Lisa, your love for your special people comes through so clearly – it’s beautiful.

    You painted a tantalizing word picture about the scent of the flowers that I had to go look up Korean Spice Viburnum. They are too delicate to survive here, but if I can find any in the garden centres this spring, you’ve convinced me they’d be a great addition to the flower pots that flank our front door.

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