Blended Beginnings Part 2

Last week (or so) I shared with you all some pics from our oldest daughter’s recent wedding in June. Because of a few issues during the day, the bride and groom didn’t have the opportunity to have the traditional “formal portraits” done after the ceremony.

Add to the chaos the fact that Peanut and Twix were leaving for their six-week summer visitation with their dad the following week. Because of that schedule, we had to postpone photos until (ugh) August when they returned. Hot, sticky August in middle Missouri. Perfect.

We chose the local botanical garden and I went and scoped out backdrops a few weeks before the shoot. Because of the August heat, we decided on a 9am meet time to try and finish before the heat and humidity set in for the day.

First, we began with the bride.

Then, we added the groom.

A base of love and commitment established to begin the art of blending.

The rest of the brood is added.

Blending a family has been quite the challenge with five children. Yes, count them…..f.i.v.e. all between four and (almost) ten years old; three girls and two boys. No chaos or drama here, right?!

Getting used to the new “normal” for blended family kids can be a little unsettling. It takes a while to establish trust and stability with the new parent and situation.

So Peanut and Twix now have two brothers and another sister. Each of these children are uniquely different so finding balance in a new family situation can take some doing. Boundaries are being set as well as expectations and responsibilities.

It’s been quite an adjustment but they are working on making the transition as smooth as possible…as smooth as you can with a (almost) 10-, 9-, 8- and two 4-year-olds!

Two children is enough of a handful.  Three can be challenging. Keeping track of and up to speed with five is completely beyond my comprehension. Patience will need to multiply exponentially.

It’s estimated one third of all remarriages form blended families.

Sibling rivalry, attention issues, discipline challenges will all be things these parents will deal with as they present a unified front and lead by example. Bonds won’t grow strong overnight, but as they do more things as a “family,” relationships will strengthen over time.

Expect conflicts. Extend grace. I hope and pray this is the attitude adopted by everyone as they experience these growing pains.

The only steps in this house
is the staircase, and
the only half in this house
is the half&half creamer.

~Al Hodson

5 thoughts on “Blended Beginnings Part 2

  1. They make a lovely family. Yes, adjustments will be required, some times will be fraught, some times will be tearful, many times will be joyous. I was part of a blended family for awhile and I heard “you’re not my mother” more than once, but as long as they support one another they can make it.

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  2. The best gift Pat gave me was time alone with Steph & Shane (5 & 6) to build a relationship. The greatest compliment is when people are surprised that we are not a 100% biological family. Lot of work, love and a TON of communication. I’d say best of luck but I think they’ll do great.

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  3. “A base of love and commitment established to begin the art of blending.”

    I LOVE the way you said that, and those pictures are so beautiful!

    And I also have to add here that I love your daughters choice in wedding dress, headband, necklace and earrings. They all tie in so perfectly with each other. Her flower arrangement is gorgeous. In fact, the whole color scheme of soft pastels was such beautiful choice.

    HA! The photo of the brood made me laugh out loud. How CUTE!

    Lisa, regardless of the heat and humidity, these pictures came out as cool as a cucumber. They are simply lovely.

    Wishing your daughter, her husband, and children all the very best. They make a great-looking family. And you can feel the love between them.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Have a great holiday weekend!

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