Sympathy for decay

“I love autumn,” Emily said to me. “It wins you over with its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay.”
~Nicholas Sparks, Two By Two

While the trees here in middle Missouri are ramping up for their show, other areas are finishing with the warm up act. Most eyes are on the main event, but there’s beauty in the understated undergrowth if we’re willing to take time to notice.

Normally, decay is not a pretty sight. The spring and summer riot of color is welcoming to our visual senses after winter. How many of us love to cut/buy flowers to lift our spirits and brighten our mood? We tend to prefer beauty; we prefer organized; we prefer preservation. The lovely fields of wildflowers and architectural beauty of new/restored buildings thrill us…..but, not so much urban decay (which is interesting on its own merits) or the creepy crawlies in the decomposing leaf litter returning to the earth.

But, in Autumn…..these things work hand in hand to allow us to witness the beauty of nature in every phase of the lifecycle; the fascinating work of our ecosystem in sustaining life for the coming year.

There can be an unspoken beauty in death and decay.

Blog hopping today with Peabea’s Pictorial Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Sympathy for decay

  1. I had never thought of fall this way, but you’re right, that’s exactly what it is. The dying foliage, which will decay and nourish the soil so when spring comes, new growth can arise from that soil. My favorite seasons are contradictory – decay and rebirth.

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  2. Thanks for visiting. Never say never! The bucket maybe deep, but life presents endless possibilities. also the unexpected ones:):)
    You mentioned Missouri somewhere on your blog – I did college there, and so did hubby. Pleasant memories!

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  3. “…but there’s beauty in the understated undergrowth if we’re willing to take time to notice.”

    I totally agree, Lisa! And this is why I LOVE Fall and Winter. To me, there is such beauty, not only in the decay of Fall, but also the barrenness of Winter. One of my favorite things to do in Winter is take long walks through our city parks; enjoying the gray skies and barren trees. I find it so beautiful and peaceful.

    “There can be an unspoken beauty in death and decay.”

    Love how said that!

    Have a fabulous Wednesday, my friend!

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  4. Really like the capture of the unusual colorings of the decaying leaf. Great quote. I don’t like winter anymore as I’ve aged, but do love that I live where we enjoy each season with its differences. The stillness of FALL can be breathtaking on days when the breeze and sunshine is just right. Even though decaying, there is beauty in a pile of leafs, and fun to dry for decorating throughout the season. Thanks for sharing with Pictorial Tuesday.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

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  5. ahhh but it’s not decay, the trees aren’t dead, they are shedding leaves like we do hairs on our heads. That’s another reason we can just enjoy the beauty, and the change of season. We look forward to the changes. Scratches to Cabo the good


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