Sun puddles and Awww Monday

I just discovered Cabo….that dog living in my house….has had face time here and, in my not-so-humble opinion, I deserve the same.

If you didn’t already know, I’m Bridget and have been here with the person we’ll call Mom most of my 12 years. Technically, I’m The Golfer’s cat, but I wasn’t too crazy about Florida when she moved my sister, Midget, and me there in 2007. We came back to middle Missouri in 2013 and I decided I’m never riding in a car that long again.

The dog….did I  mention the dog? All was well until IT showed up in 2017. I’m a rather finicky, old lady now and don’t appreciate being rudely nosed or chased. I much prefer sun puddles in areas where IT can’t find me.

I was born in 2006 sometime around March 17th; one of five abandoned kittens. The kind people who took us in called us the Irish Kittens. One more was added, although she was not a direct relation. Mom’s two daughters adopted me, two of my sisters and the stray. Here is a shot of all of us together in our bed…Moi (Bridget), Colleen (aka Midget), Darby and Ripley. Sadly, Midget and Ripley have already traveled over The Bridge.

So, I’m here in the house by myself now with the dog. Fun times. Um, NOT.

So, I’ll be demanding equal time whenever I discover the dog has been here. I simply cannot have IT  upstaging me.

Have a me(W)ow day,


Bridget is blog hopping today with Comedy Plus and Aww Monday.


7 thoughts on “Sun puddles and Awww Monday

  1. Bridget, you’re absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I once had a cat (a Calico) that looked very similar to you. Her name was Mary-Ann!
    I love the picture of you and your siblings. You’re all so cute!

    “I’ll be demanding equal time whenever I discover the dog has been here. I simply cannot have IT upstaging me.”

    HA! That cracked me up! But I wouldn’t worry about that because cats have a wonderful way of “pulling focus” simply because after all…you’re a CAT! 🙂

    Please tell MOM I said, “Wonderful photographs!” And that I love the look on Cabo’s face in the final pic, it’s priceless!

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