Autumn memories

Just before the death of flowers and before they are buried in snow, there comes a festival season when nature is aglow.
~Author Unknown

Well, I may have missed my opportunity for this post since it SNOWED a few days ago! Middle Missouri broke her previous record of .3 inches of snow on November 8th. We clocked in at a little more than an inch of the white stuff. It was magical….and gone from most of the trees by afternoon as the temps warmed to the upper 30sF.

I have shared some of our autumn color in weeks past, but haven’t shared my most fun day of the season. Every autumn I try and take the grandgirls to one of our city parks during the cooler weather. Of course, the camera comes along with us. This year we went to a nature area before going to the traditional park setting. While I love autumn color in the trees and flowers, it just can’t compete with these two!

At ten and four and a half, these two are growing up so fast. And, I believe their personalities are growing faster! Can’t you just see the sass in both of them? Peanut is now in fourth grade and Twix is having a blast in Pre-K.

I fully realize I tend to get a bit carried away when sharing pics of our grandgirls. I would apologize, but I’m really not that sorry!

Unfortunately the trees had not yet given up their leaves for a colorful carpet, so we had to rely on some different color for these last two shots.

Now, we’re hunkering down for winter, which evidently is coming early this year since our temps are now falling into the teens at night. I’m thankful we had the opportunity to take these when we did. They warm my heart.

I hope you’re having a wonderful autumn and sharing the warmth of the holiday season with everyone around you.

9 thoughts on “Autumn memories

  1. Lisa, I love the quote shared within the photograph of Peanut and Twix!

    Beautiful selection of photographs too! I especially love the final one of the girls lying on the leaf-covered ground. GREAT capture!

    I thought we were getting some snow today, but we’re not. However it is very cold, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. The sun is out and the sky is bright blue.

    Have a fantastic Sunday, my friend! Enjoy the the remainder of Fall!!

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  2. Hi Lisa… what beautiful happy girls and pictures!
    About the grooming table. I got my table at BJ’s wholesale club a long time ago. It’s legs fold up, it goes to three heights, and I use is mostly in the studio for extra space, but it’s nearly perfect for grooming! If Milo didn’t fight me, it would work a dream. It cost about $25 and has been a godsend. Sams might have a similar one. The big reason I got is as I used to go to sewing retreats and we used those in my friend’s living room to fit 6 of us at our own tables. It’s about 5 or 6 ft long by 2.5 feet wide.
    Love to you and cabo! Grooming a poodle is no joke! I still have to figure out how to get the matts out of Milo’s tail today. How did it get so matted anyway???

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