Vogue: A study in conformity and hypocrisy

Wow, Vogue. Just Wow.

I’ve waiting a few days to cool down and collect my thoughts before commenting on this article. If you haven’t read the article Vogue printed about the awful state of white, republican women, you can read it HERE. I don’t know whether to be disgusted, incensed, or whether to laugh at the sheer hypocrisy of their rationale.

Evidently, white woman who vote republican are “confusingly unsisterly” and “don’t care about other women.” If they did, according to the article, obviously they would vote for every Democrat, in every race, everywhere. The Vogue writer makes no bones about their contempt for this voting bloc. Surely they must be parroting their misogynist, patriarchal husbands and their thoughts are being controlled by the GOP.

And, in my opinion, therein lies the hypocrisy.

Democrat organizations that supposedly champion women tout they want us to be strong, independent thinkers…..but only if those thoughts align with their policies and agendas. It’s unthinkable (and definitely not preferable) for women to think any other way. Their elitist attitude doesn’t consider any other opinion.

Conform to the view of the Democratic party and their organizations, and be embraced and celebrated. Don’t conform to a liberal platform and be shunned, criticized and condemned.

Got it. Attack women if they don’t conform. Shame them into doing what others think is best. Demean them if they disagree with what you believe is the correct path. Historically, that sounds very familiar.

Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny is manifest in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, patriarchy, male privilege, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification.

Yes, I’m a white women. Yes, I lean more conservative than liberal. Yes, I’m educated, and have my own thoughts and opinions….sometimes separate from my husband. Yes, I vote Republican….and have been known to vote Democrat on occasion, depending on the office and issue. And yet, Vogue holds me in contempt, belittles me and is hostile to my opinions. Do you see the irony here?

Additionally, I find this article humorous coming from a “fashion magazine” that promotes Exclusive Beauty, Style and Cultural Views. Vogue, a magazine that perpetuates youth and beauty through genetically-altered images of women (aka PhotoShop); Vogue, a magazine whose pages can result in lowered self-esteem among those who don’t look or dress like the pictures within their pages; Vogue, a magazine that promotes exclusive brands and styles that, while beautiful and attractive, no average woman could even dream about affording.

To be honest, I have not picked up a Vogue magazine for years. Perhaps its intellectually stimulating now. Perhaps substantial content pages outnumber (or even equal) the pages of paid fashion and beauty ads pandering to women’s insecurities. Perhaps now it’s an accurate reflection of the average 21st century woman’s style and appearance. Perhaps.

Democrat candidates are not entitled to my vote simply because I’m a woman. “Women’s issues” cover much more than the hot buttons of reproductive rights and abortion that are hauled out front and center most of the time. Taxes, economy, safety…those are women’s issues as well.

My foremothers fought and died for my right to vote. I wrote about it HERE. I take this responsibility very seriously. Show me a candidate with a legitimate, common sense, pro-active plan of action, based on reality and achievable goals. Show me a candidate who understands what it takes for the average family to be prosperous for many generations. Show me a candidate that respects this country’s constitution and values above their own political agenda. Show me that candidate and I’ll seriously consider voting for her or him.

Pander to hot-button, emotional issues hoping to sway my vote….and you’ve lost me. Show me the only passion you have is overthrowing the majority party and being an obstructionist because you didn’t get your way….and you’ve lost me. Show me all you care about is demonizing and disrespecting your opponents…and you’ve lost me. Spend money uncontrollably on expensive, unnecessary programs that only further personal agendas OR refuse to acknowledge waste and corruption in current government spending….and you’ve lost me.

Honestly, I see very little difference between Republicans and Democrats. Both parties want power at any cost…and they are not above lying, cheating and stealing to get it done. Both parties give false hope and make promises they have no intention of fulfilling. Both parties campaign on hope and change in the Washington DC machine, but in reality, when they get there, are only interested in supporting the status quo because they personally benefit from it. Many times my voting decisions are based on the lesser of two evils listed on the ballot.

So, I’m sorry Vogue (but not really) for not conforming to your perfect ideal of what a woman should do in the voting booth. But, I can assure you that by continuing to label me as unsisterly, criticizing and condemning my choices, demonizing and insulting my intellect…..you will lose me every time.

8 thoughts on “Vogue: A study in conformity and hypocrisy

  1. You and I are alike here. I’m a fiscal conservative. On social issues I’m more liberal. I want nothing to do with this democratic party. They used to be the party of the people., but not anymore.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

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  2. Lisa, I normally don’t share my political views online (or off-line for that matter), especially about the election in 2016 because it’s pointless, and for all the reasons you listed in this post about the hostility from many Democrats if you didn’t vote Democrat.

    I’m listed as Independent; therefore, I don’t vote for any particular party. I vote for the issues I find important. Back in 2016, I voted Republican and am still very happy that I did. Everyone assumes that because I’m a gay man, I will automatically vote Democrat. As you said, “Democrat candidates are not entitled to my vote simply because I’m a woman.” Same with me.

    So therefore, gay men/women who didn’t vote Democrat are going through the same thing women are going through. We are being shunned, criticized and condemned by the community.

    Funny, isn’t it? For as open and liberal as many Democrats say they are, by the sounds of their voices and harsh actions over these past two years, it’s so obvious that they’re only open and liberal if you believe and do as they do. Sounds like “discrimination” to me.

    “…and being an obstructionist because you didn’t get your way….and you’ve lost me.”


    Fantastic post, my friend. And I’m glad you expressed your feelings.

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  3. Hear Hear! I could not agree more. Vogue’s attitude is so very wrong, and both parties are guilty of the same type of thing. Neither party has any respect or concern for the “people”, neither party cares about anything but their party. They’ve both lost me, but I have hope that the influx of women into the government might help to change things. I have been registered as both Republican and Democrat over the years but am changing to Independent because I don’t want to be affiliated with any party. I want honesty, I want integrity, I want campaigns based on what the campaigner believes in and wants to do, and just shut up about your opponents. Both parties have been and are guilty of obstructionism. While I do not understand how women could vote for a man with such a demonstrated lack of character, I can understand the fear of Hillary, which was fomented by lies told by opposition. We need better choices to avoid that oh too prevalent “lesser of the evils” thing.

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  4. I refuse to be bullied, which is exactly what Vogue is trying to do in that article. I cherish my freedom to make my own decisions and vote for whomever I choose.

    BTW, your settings won’t let me comment unless I am logged into wordpress. As it happens, I do have a wordpress account but I seldom log into it. But many people only have Blogger.

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