Awww Tuesday!

No, I’m not confused! I fully intended to post this for Awww Monday, but life got in the way….again. So, I’m combining Awww Monday with Happy Tuesday.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The earliest known use of the phrase dates back to 1888 in a book titled, Illustrative Shorthand, by Linda Bronson. The phrase is a pangram—using every letter of the alphabet in a sentence. You may remember this exercise from typing class (if you’re old like me). You may also see it when looking at examples of fonts/typefaces.

Although the quick fox usually stays outside, I did find a lazy dog. But, it probably wouldn’t take too much effort to jump over this one…especially if it should be before 7:30am. 🙂

Blog hopping today with Comedy Plus for Awww Monday and/or Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a grand week and getting in prime condition for Turkey Day on Thursday.

12 thoughts on “Awww Tuesday!

  1. Do they still have typing classes in school? I remember one of our practices lines was “start the New Year right”, only mine came out “start the new year tight”. I was too young for that then.

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  2. I missed you yesterday and here you are for both Awww Mondays and Happy Tuesday. I do remember that from typing class. I’m old too.

    Love your lazy dog. They are ever so precious.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Lisa. ♥

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  3. “You may remember this exercise from typing class (if you’re old like me).”

    HA! Yes, Lisa, I most definitely do remember that from typing class. And funny you mentioned that because I was talking with some of my coworkers a few days ago and said something about typing class and they all went, “WHAT’S TYPING CLASS?!?!?!?” Now if I had said “texting class” they would have understood 🙂

    Adorable photograph of Cabo. What a cutie!

    If we don’t speak before then, I want to wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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