Awwww Monday: Mom and me

When you become a parent, you finally appreciate and understand what your mother did.
~Julianne Moore

Last Saturday was my birthday and we took a day trip to Kansas City. While we were there, we stopped by to see the woman who birthed me all those many decades ago.

At 85, she is still kicking’ and lives independently with her husband in their own home. Good genes. May I be as fortunate when I get to be 85.

Like all mother/daughter dynamics, those teen and early adult years were all sorts of challenging. I remember giving my parents flowers on my 21st birthday with an “I’m sorry” card. A perfect child I was not.

Appreciate your mom. She’s wiser than you think and stronger than you know.
~Steve Maraboli

So fast forward to 2019, and I’ve come to realize just how difficult it is to parent young children… well as adult children. And, over the years, I’ve developed an appreciation for my mom’s back stories and the experiences she had as a young woman, wife and mother. Perspective is everything when you take yourself out of the center of attention.

I’ve also come to realize a child’s birthday is just as much a birth day for the mom as the child. Moms usually get lost in the hoopla of the child’s special day, surrounded by well wishers and gifts. For most moms, the joys of watching her children upstage the sacrifices she made physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially. Sacrifices many women will never begin to understand until they are mothers themselves.

So next time you have a birthday, enjoy the attention, say thank you for the gifts, and don’t forget to acknowledge the woman who made it possible.

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7 thoughts on “Awwww Monday: Mom and me

  1. you look lots like your mom… must be nice to know you have good genes! I was good as a teen but the mother never acknowledged that. It’s hard to relate til you walk in someone’s shoes… just the way of life.

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  2. First, I LOVE the quote by Julianne Moore because I adore her; not only as an actress, but also listening to her speak while being interview. She’s a very inspiring lady.

    Second, I LOVE the photograph of you and Mom! OMG…you look so much alike! And she looks amazing at 85! Good genes is right!

    “Perspective is everything when you take yourself out of the center of attention.”

    That is so true, Lisa! And I realized that same thing as I got older and reflected on my parents back stories and experiences. They both did the best the could and with the best intention. I feel so very blessed to have had the parents I did.

    Wonderful post, my friend!

    Have a super week! 🙂

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  3. A real gift was when my daughter who is now a mom and in her thirties told me she appreciated all that I did; in the times as a mom I had to enlist tough love. She is an awesome daughter, as I’m sure you are to your mom. Oh to be in the 80’s and your mom looks so good. I’m feeling it at 72 soon to be 73. We never really had birthdays as a kid; just another day, but as a mom, I understand the mom celebration. I relive ever joyous moment on each of my three’s birthdays.
    Happy Birthday and many, many more.

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