10 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday and swim at your own risk

  1. I was a pretty good swimmer as a child pools only. Maybe wading at the edge of the waves but never ever have I gone in water if I cannot see my feet and the bottom. Sharp shells YIKES.
    Toto is still talked about and laughed about to this day. What a force he was. I’m sure he was a Great Dane in another life
    Hugs Cecilia

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  2. LOVE the sign, Lisa! And I also love your question at the end – HA!

    Having lived in South Florida, where I was always so closed to various bodies of water ( the ocean, the intracoastal waterways, lakes and rivers) I’ve seen those types of signs a lot. Isn’t funny how they call it a “swimming area” yet give you all those warnings/reasons why it would be hazardous to do so?

    Thanks for the laugh, my friend 🙂 Hope you’re having a fabulous week!

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  3. sounds like most swimming areas in Florida… and they’re stating the obvious. Didn’t mention undertows and jellyfish. Guess they are minimizing liability… most Floridians wouldn’t think twice though! (remember I grew up in Tampa)

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