Thankful Thursday

Hey everyone, Cabo here today with Mom who tells me she has a hugely thankful heart. It all began back on January 20th. Mom and Dad were watching a game where people throw a ball up and down the field and chase each other….my kind of game! There was two minutes left in the game and I was contentedly gnawing on a toy called a nylabone. It didn’t have much taste, but I was bored and no one wanted to play. The next thing I knew,  Mom had her hands in my mouth trying to dig out the chunk I’d successfully broken off. But I was too quick for her and swallowed it before she could get it out.

Well, I heard her on the phone and then we went for a ride. It was a place I’d never been before. She called it the emergency vet clinic. Evidently, one should not eat pieces of nylabones. Little did I know that chunk could cause a blockage in my internal tubing and be all kinds of bad for me. Mom gave the okay for them to try to make me vomit it up. Ewwwww…..I didn’t comply with their wishes. So we went back home.

It’s been almost three weeks since that awful experience and I seem to be okay. I haven’t miss a meal and think everything is coming out okay on the other end. Oddly, I cannot find any more nylabones in the house. Mom says I’m a lucky puppy and she’s thankful no harm came of the experience.

Ummm…..Bridget here. I suppose I’m glad the fur ball is okay. Having health issues of my own, I do understand Mom’s worry.

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11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I stopped getting Nylabones quite some time ago because they kept getting really sharp little points on them, that looked to me as if they were designed to cut up the mouth. Now I marrow bones from the butcher. Shasta loves them. Maybe your mom will get you some, Cabo.

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  2. I have heard others talk about those nylabones. Back when we had our dog in the early 1970’s little was known about them but I don’t think he ever swallowed any of it.

    Thank goodness you are ok Cabo. Bridget I hope what ails you is better soon
    Hugs Cecilia

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  3. ” and I seem to be okay. I haven’t miss a meal and think everything is coming out okay on the other end. ”

    Whew…good news, Cabo. You had me scared there for a minute. Glad to hear you’re well! 🙂 Thank heavens!

    And you’re such a beeeeeautiful cat, Bridget! What a gorgeous coat you have. Hope all is well with your health, dear kitty!

    Please tell Mom, I said…”Have a great weekend!”

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  4. What a scary thing! We’ve had a scare here when Coda chewed a shaving razor and we found all of it but the blade part. She’d hidden it, and we found it, otherwise there would have been an emergency vet visit here, too.

    Best to only chew on things that can actually be eaten, i think.

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  5. whew, dude! I am glad you’re okay! My mama is forever reaching in my mouth to take something out, and never eats it herself! I mean, what’s wrong with her! but she loves me, and your mama loves you. I enjoy a Whimzee every night to chew… ask for one of those bud. Digestible. Milo, the naughty poodle

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  6. Hi Lisa, relief about Cabo… I’ve been wondering how he is. I’d love you to join us on our Thurs I Like group sometime… let me know and I’ll just put your blog in! It’s a nice group of people. LeeAnna

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