Thankful Thursday: An anniversary

Happy Heart Day. Valentine’s Day. Appropriate for me that it lands on a day to play along with Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home.

But not for the usual reasons. It was two years ago this morning that Entrepreneur was wheeled into an operating room for brain surgery. On Valentine’s Day.

We’ve come a long way in two years, but not without the scars…both physical and emotional. The surgery successfully removed an almost 2 inch tumor. But renal cell cancer is a relentless adversary. Even after a year and half of oral chemo, it’s trying to reclaim territory. Same war, new battle. 

But today we celebrate. Celebrate two years post surgery, thanking God for the tender mercies of the past and for extending his life. We have gratitude for experiencing the good and bad that intertwines itself throughout our story. Our faith has grown deeper despite the uncertainty of the future. Relationships have grown deeper despite past differences. The keen realization of how fleeting this life is on earth has grown painfully sharp.

But today we celebrate love and caring for special people in our lives. Whether you buy into the Hallmark hype of the holiday or not, I’m sure there are special people in your life. Be sure to share with them how much you care….don’t wait for a specially designated day to show your appreciation for them. You may not be offered another chance.

Today we celebrate.

Blog hopping today with Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian’s Home.

9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: An anniversary

  1. This made me cry Lisa. We have a friend in Hospice that will not beat his cancer. I pray that your husband can. I hope in the coning years you can keep adding a year to his success.

    Have a blessed day and a very happy Valentines Day. Sending you hugs, love and good health. ♥

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  2. I think, despite the hard times and the pain of the past couple of years, you are blessed to have a relationship that has withstood the tests of time and come out smiling. It’s something precious that is not in everyone’s life.

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  3. Lisa, what a BEAUTIFUL post! It literally made me teary-eyed. Having known you for some time now, I feel as though I’ve taken this journey with you, growing by what you’ve learned. You are such a inspiration, my friend. A true example of what “faith” and “trusting” in that faith can provide during times of darkness. Because within darkness, we know “light”

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us – both the highs and the lows. Thank you so much!

    X to you and Entrepreneur. Happy “LOVE” day!


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