February photo challenge: Glasses

Here we are again at the end of another month. So, it must be time for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt is Glasses. Post five photos representing the prompt, no commentary necessary. That’s it! Please consider joining us!

Here are my five Glasses for February.

Glass 1: I have a set of pink champagne flutes I love to use for those “special” occasions…..like Tuesdays. Seriously, paired with a nice red wine, every day is a special occasion in my house.

Glass 2: Keeping with the wine glasses theme, this one made me giggle when I found it at a winery. It’s all about perspective.

Glass 3: These six water/wine glasses used to belong to Entrepreneur’s uncle and aunt who spent much of their married life in the military. This set is said to have come from somewhere in Europe when they were stationed overseas in Germany.

Glass 4: I went to Google and tried to find the pattern of the stemware shown above. I think the set could be part of a collection of Edinburgh Crystal stemware generally thought to have been made in the United Kingdom around the 1950s to 1970s. They live in my china cabinet with other pieces from the past as a reminder of family no longer with us.

Glass 5: In a more traditional vein, Cabo was patient enough to let me accessorize him with my sunglasses while sitting in a sun puddle. He’ll do just about anything for a treat.

There’s my five glasses shots. Not to be confused with shot glasses. Don’t forget to pop over to PJ’s to stock up on more glasses for February.

And, I’m playing fast and loose with Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian’s Home because…….

  1. I’m thankful for wine. Just sayin’.
  2. I’m thankful for things that serve as tangible reminders of people no longer with us.
  3. I’m thankful for my pupper!

12 thoughts on “February photo challenge: Glasses

  1. Cabo is a cutie. If I lived near you, I would give you some of my hubby’s homemade wine. He makes it with our concords and has also made strawberry. raspberry, pear, blueberry and pumpkin.

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  2. Lisa, that first photograph of the pink flute and bottle of wine is FANTASTIC! I love everything about it – the composition, the lighting, and the way your brought out the pink in the flute.

    ” this one made me giggle when I found it at a winery. It’s all about perspective.”

    HA! That made me giggle as well! Love it!!!

    The one of the water/wine glasses is brilliant. It looks like a professional photograph you’d see in a Williams-Sonoma catalog. Bravo!

    And OH. MY. GOD…that final shot of Cabo? PRECIOUS beyond belief! He looks like a Rock Star!!!

    Well done, my friend. Have a super weekend!

    P,S, Yeah, I’m thankful for wine as well! 🙂

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  3. Lisa, I love the saying about talking in cursive. The puppy is cute. My crystal stemware glass has Made in Edinburgh Scotland etched on the bottom. Thanks for sharing and have a great month. Sylvia D.

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