Twix Tuesday

I was successful last November when I took the grand girls out to capture some Autumn memories.

But this time of year proves more challenging. Mainly because I don’t want to be outside in the cold for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Twix turned five years old on February 3rd and needed a five-year-old portrait to commemorate the event. She missed picture day at preschool because she was sick.

So I did it. And, it was a lot harder than I imagined since I have no studio set up in my house. It was rather comical to watch us creating make-shift backdrops and rearranging the furniture to use the natural light. But we got it done. Five is now officially commemorated.

This is probably the Preschool photo. We “did her nails” for the occasion. 

The rest are my attempts to capture her adorable personality….before she got completely hangry.

I can’t believe she is already five years old!

Blog hopping today with Happy Tuesday, hosted by Comedy Plus.


6 thoughts on “Twix Tuesday

  1. Honestly Lisa, the pictures you took of Twix look a MILLION times better (and more professional) than the ones I’ve had taken of me when I was still in school. Mine all looked like police mug shots – HA! 🙂

    OMG, her painted nails are so adorable! And what a great smile she has. A natural in front of the camera.

    Hope you’re having a FAB week, my friend!

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  2. I think you did great. I use to love letting the grandson pose and have some adorable, natural photos of him. Sometimes in the studio they don’t smile as relaxed. These are lovely and so is she. Tell her Happy Birthday a bit late. 🙂

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