Photo Challenge: Color Makes the World Go ‘Round

In keeping with spring, PJ’s April prompt is Color Makes The World Go “Round. This is definitely a true statement. Color can influence our moods and impact decisions we make on a daily basis. Colors can mean different things in different cultures, and is used extensively in marketing materials and campaign signage to influence thinking.

The word ‘color’ is subjective. One definition states it’s “the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye.” Don’t you just love that definition?! Figuratively, it can refer to a “particularly interesting characteristic” of a person or place. It also can refer to the pigmentation of a person’s skin. I found ten different meanings of the word, color, when doing a quick, online search.

So there was a lot to play with this month.

Color #1
Earlier this month, I went with Peanut’s fourth grade class to tour our state’s capitol and governor’s mansion. I have to say, I believe Missouri has a beautiful capitol building with all the colorful ceilings, beautiful artwork, bronze statues and stained glass.

Color #2
A walk in the drizzle across the grounds took us to the Governor’s Mansion. On the way, we passed the Governor’s Garden, which was just beginning to show its color.

Color #3
Inside the mansion, we toured the public rooms and learned more Missouri history. This is one of two hand-made, needlepoint fireplace screens. Can you even imagine the number of hours and painful fingers that went into creating this colorful piece of history?

Color #4
Figuratively, this is a “colorful” group of grands taken at Easter. Five between ages four and ten, each quite different from each other in every way you can imagine.

Color #5
Narrowing down to two of our grand girls, these two are quite colorful little pocket rockets….and they love to color!

The psychology of color is fascinating. Color does make the world go ’round. This, from a 96-box of crayon type of person!

Playing along with PJ’s monthly photo challenge. Post five photos at the end of the month relating to the prompt. So easy. Why not join us?

8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Color Makes the World Go ‘Round

  1. So true, the influence of color. Love, love the yellow of the warm sun and makes the mood great. There are colors as definite favors. My mom was so funny with my sister and I. She always chose blue for me and red for my sister when buying our clothes…back in that day we rarely went to pick our own. The clothes were the same so lots of people actually though we were twins, however, she was dark hair and eyes, and I was blond and blue and we didn’t actually look alike. It was the clothes. Anyway, as an adult, I found that I actually looked better in a red outfit. Who would have guessed, not me until one day I purchased a red outfit and got so many compliments at work and home. lol But, for around the house, etc. I love the hues of blue and delicate colors. Great photo comparisons and the children are beautiful colors. 🙂

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  2. Lisa, each and everyone of these images you shared for this challenge are GORGEOUS! But I especially love the first one of the ceiling with the exquisite artwork. It’s truly magnificent.

    Love the magnolia’s as well. Aren’t they such a beautiful blossom? I only wish they lasted longer.

    HA! And I also love the final two of the grands taken at Easter. OMG…they are so cute!

    Please tell Peanut that I think her leather jacket is just the COOLEST!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

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