Tuesday giggle

When Entrepreneur and I flew to Las Vegas, we took Southwest Airlines. While I have issues with all the airlines in the areas of customer service and excessive additional charges/restrictions, I admit Southwest does rise above the rest in my book. With it, I still can check a bag at no charge and have both a carry on and personal item at no charge. I’m not charged additional for a non-alcoholic beverage and they always let me take more than one snack. And, they have in-flight wifi where one can watch selected movies or TV shows on their app without having to pay extra.

Most flight attendants we’ve encountered are pleasant enough, but every once in a while, there’s one who really seems to enjoy their job. Here’s some snippets from the male flight attendant on our flight back from Vegas to Kansas City.

Enjoy. I did. 🙂

Like so many other airlines now, when you check in, Southwest does not assign seats. Instead, they put people in boarding groups and leave us to fend for ourselves to find a seat. We boarded in B group and were comfortably seated when C group entered the cabin. The flight attendants announced:
We are now boarding C group. C group means Center Seat Only because that’s all we have left.

The flight is full and the attendants are encouraging people to put carry ons under their seats.
Please reserve the overhead bins for luggage with wheels. If your luggage doesn’t have wheels, please push, shove or kick that bag as far as it will go under the seat in front of you.

We’ve been through the safety features and are ready for take off when we hear:
We’re ready for take off but see there are quite a few of you who have not buckled your seatbelt. Specifically, many of you on the aisle. 

But the best line that made me giggle was when we were getting ready for our descent into Kansas City. We hear:
We’re beginning our descent into Kansas City, If you’ve been enjoying a drink, now is the time to stop enjoying it. If you purchased one with alcohol, it’s time to slam that bad boy down just like you did in college.

With so many things to hate about the stripped-down service of airline flights, this lighthearted commentary was a welcome distraction.

Blog hopping today with Sandee at Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday.



9 thoughts on “Tuesday giggle

  1. OMG Lisa, those were HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! And you’re right, that last one with THE best line, ever!

    I LOVE Southwest Airlines, and have flown them many times. To me, they have the most friendly and entertaining flight attendants in the sky. One time when I flew to Florida, one of the flight attendants actually started singing a song over the intercom, it was so funny!

    I agree (and for all the reasons you listed) Southwest Airlines is awesome. They’re very professional, but also very down to earth. They make flying (which can be a nightmare) enjoyable!

    Hope you’re having a fab week!

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