Awww Monday: patriotic pupper

Hello everyone, Cabo here to let you know all is safe and sound at our house after the boom-boom weekend they call Independence Day. I’ve been wearing my patriotic bandana in honor of the occasion for the past couple weeks.

I have to admit, I spent most of the evening of the 4th inside. This was mainly because I wanted to voice my opinion at all the boom-boom noises and Mom said it was annoying. I don’t shake or tremble like some of my peeps do…and I’m so very sorry if you are one who has this reaction to loud noises. I really don’t blame you at all. Fireworks can be very scary. So, Mom put me in the house so I could comment from inside and not annoy anyone.

Bridget just laid in her bed and ignored me. Shocker.

I’m doing my best to find pieces of the boom-booms that drifted into our yard from the neighbors show. So far, Mom has been a step ahead of me and I think she cleaned it all up before I could help.

I hope everyone has a pawtastic week. July is here and you know what that means…….

The dog dayz of summer are here!!

Stay cool. Pupper kisses to all,

Playing today with Sandee’s peeps over at Comedy Plus and Awww Monday.


6 thoughts on “Awww Monday: patriotic pupper

  1. Oh Cabo, you look so dang cute in your 4th of July bandana!!!

    I feel the same way about the boom-boom noises. I don’t like them. And me, living in Philadelphia, and very close to where the Declaration of Independence was signed (Independence Hall), I heard LOUD boom-boom noises for TWO days!

    Always enjoy when you post, Cabo!

    Have a pawstastic week! And stay cool!

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  2. man, Cabo, it was loud around here too. Mama just let me run amuck barking because, who cared if I barked when the fireworks, illegal may I mention, were louder than I was. Oh my dog. I can’t stand humans who are so loud! Your haircut is very handsome, I have to get mine cut this weekend. It’s pretty hot so I need to take some off. And drink more cool water.


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