Awwww Monday: It’s Awfully cold already!

Hello again! It’s Cabo here on a chilly October Monday morning. Normally, my fur coat keeps me wooly warm, but I had a spa day last week and I must say it was terribly bad timing. I was sporting a very warm fur coat now that the season has changed…although Mama said it was getting entirely out of control and matting faster than she could brush it out. Whatever.

As you can see, I was adorably fluffy. But the paw spa lady came and…wash, wash, clip, clip and suddenly I was thinking, “hey there’s a draft in here!”

I have to give Mama credit. She does try and keep me brushed between spa days. But, being three fourths poodle, my fur has a mind of its own.

She says I still look very handsome. Dad thinks I look goofy. But I can own whatever “doodle do” I have because….well, I’m just that awwwwsome!

I will admit, it’s a bit short this time around, but Mama says it will grow. And it gives  her a fighting chance to try and keep me matt-free in the weeks to come.

However, now it’s downright chilly in the morning, and I’m spending a lot of time curled up on my sherpa beds trying to keep warm. Mama says it doesn’t usually get down into the 30s at night until after Halloween. Dad decided it was time to turn on the furnace so the house is warmer. Thanks Dad!!

This is my best “poor me” look and it must have worked  when Mama wanted me to get out of my warm bed and go outside because she’s decided to make me a coat!! I’m so excited!

Stay warm!

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7 thoughts on “Awwww Monday: It’s Awfully cold already!

  1. See the mom knows you’re cold and took care of it. It’s what good moms do. You’re a huge Awww.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

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  2. “But I can own whatever “doodle do” I have because….well, I’m just that awwwwsome!”

    Cabo, that made me laugh out loud. You are so funny! And you’re right, with or without full-fur you look AWESOME. And adorable as well! That photo of your eyes peeking over your bed is PRICELESS. You’ve got the cutest eyes!

    And you look absolutely smashing in that paw coat! Tell Mama I said, “Well done!”

    Have a grrrrreat week, Cabo! 🙂

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