October Photo Challenge: Liquid

October 2019 is on the books and it’s time once again for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt was Liquid. We had various forms of liquid from the sky this month, but the worst is probably yet to come. I’m a day late, but yesterday, being Halloween, I was crazy busy with grand girl stuff all day.

Liquid #1
We had quite a few foggy mornings this month with *liquid* settling in and around the low areas. For those of you of a *certain age,* can’t you just see the town of Brigadoon appearing out of the mist?

Liquid #2
October took us to the pumpkin festival in the sleepy, river town of Hartsburg, MO. We all wondered if there would even be a pumpkin festival since the entire town was more or less liquidated during the spring and early summer rains and river flooding. The floodwaters have yet to completely recede, and we could still see the water in a few fields that could not be planted.

Liquid #3
Looking to the skies, we found more results of liquid in the form of suspended rainbows. Always a nice reminder of God’s promise not to destroy the earth again.

Liquid #4
Yes, I know it’s too early for this mug, but when temps are in the 30s and wind chills in the 20s, we can easily justify selecting it from the cabinet. Hot cocoa with whipped cream is always a delicious, liquid treat on cold morning.

Liquid #5
And, to dovetail with the previous, deliciously liquid shot, we are now officially in SOUP SEASON!! If you look hard, you can actually see some liquid in and around all the chunky veggies and stew meat.

Bonus shot
Well, it happened. White liquid fell from the sky in the wee hours of October 31st. Much too early in these parts.

That’s my Liquid selection for October. Be sure to visit PJ’s to see how others interpreted the prompt this month.



16 thoughts on “October Photo Challenge: Liquid

  1. All I could think of when I saw the still-flooded pumpkin fields was mosquitoes! That’s what standing water tends to grow around here. I commiserate about snow coming too early – we had a couple of good snowfalls in September!! Those rainbows, though – fantastic image and message. Hugs!

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  2. Wow, you live in a diverse area. Unique rainbows, Brigadoon fogs (had to look it up, guess I am too young?), snow and flooded pumpkin fields in one post!
    I say fog and snow dustings are a perfectly fine reason to use your Santa Claus mug!

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  3. Lisa, every one of these photographs is awesome, and perfect for this photo challenge. However, I my personal favorite is the first one because I LOVE foggy/misty mornings. And your mention of Brigadoon was brilliant because it does! And I also happen to love that musical.

    Fantastic bonus shot too! Bellissima! I can’t wait until we get some colder/autumn weather here. It was over 80 degrees (with the heat and humidity) on Halloween night. It felt like summer.

    Have a grrreat weekend, my friend! 🙂

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