Stepping back into the fray

Many of you know I’ve been an adjunct instructor for the journalism school in our town since 2006, teaching a capstone lab for seniors going into strategic communications. And, some of you know I stepped away from this gig after the graduating class of 2018 due, in part, to Entrepreneur’s cancer and his challenges with chemo pills.

That is true, but there was much, much more to it. The truth of the matter is I needed to step away after a particularly challenging semester with my first class of Generation Z students. I enjoy being in the classroom with these future leaders, but in 2018, there was a noticeable shift in attitudes and skill sets. And the shift was not on an upward track. I was always hesitant to make broad, sweeping statements about Millennials and Gen Z. Many of my former Millennial students were sharp as tacks and I had no doubt they would succeed in advertising’s fast-pace, often cut-throat world. It was routine for me to write letters of recommendations for them after graduation.

All that changed in 2018.

Strategic Communications (aka: advertising and marketing) is a field filled with tight project deadlines, working within the interpersonal framework of a team, and taking criticism (constructive and otherwise) from employers all the way down to clients. A thick skin is needed to survive. Additionally, it requires a high level of attention to detail, self-discipline, organization and problem-solving skills…..problem solving is the area I noticed seriously lacking. I maybe can count on one hand how many of my 2018 students possessed these skills. Any criticism of their work was taken as a personal attack. I was mentally exhausted after 15 weeks of shaking my head at the lack of these skill sets in most of the students. I didn’t write one recommendation letter. My instructor evaluations were less than glowing…..I was mean, uncreative, played favorites and had unreasonable expectations and deadlines. Whatever.

Gen Z is definitely not the same as previous generations. Nope, Nada. Zip. Different animal altogether.

After 30+ years in the industry, my skin is rhino thick, but this class succeeded in causing me some self-doubt. So, after a lot of self-evaluation and adjustment in my own communication skills, I think I’m ready to take them on again. I refuse to dumb down my expectations, but will concede a change in the way expectations are delivered is needed.

And, this year, there is what I hope to be a fun twist. Instead of stepping back in as one of the many lab instructors responsible for guiding student teams towards a final client presentation, I will be focusing only on the designers from all the labs. In other words, with my background as a designer and ad agency experience, my job will be guiding 22 right-brain graphic designers through the process of putting together their team’s campaign book to present to the client at their final presentation. And, the glorious thing is……I don’t have to grade them!

This task has previously gone to teaching assistants within the Strat Comm department. This semester, I’ve developed an actual curriculum outlining what they need to know to survive as graphic designers in this class and beyond. We’re calling it Design Boot Camp.

Today, I’m thankful for another chance to step back into the fray and interact with creatives. I hope I will be able to relate to them and focus on the instruction they need most to succeed. I’ve been warned by other instructors what to expect from this age group, but hope I’m pleasantly surprised.

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9 thoughts on “Stepping back into the fray

  1. I hope you are surprised too and in a good way, that would be terrific. It sounds like you’re plenty prepared for no matter how it goes. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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  2. We wish you well in your efforts to help give these young minds the tools and directions towards their own ability. Dad says he is really glad to be retired. He is so disheartened that so many want so much without a whit of intent to march, let alone do anything at all to gain their desires.

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  3. Lisa, I admire you so much for having the “knowingness” to know when to step away for a bit, until you adjust your perception. That’s awesome!

    “….but will concede a change in the way expectations are delivered is needed.”

    I have that challenge as well. Particularly when it comes to Millennials. I am surrounded by them in my line of work and they really challenge me when it comes to tolerance and patience. In fact, I’ve been known to speak out abruptly, which seems to offend them. However, they can never see why they’re level of work ethics offends me.

    Love the name of the class. And I love the logo design. VERY nice!

    The best to you, my friend!

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