Vitamin Sea

Looking at the ocean and watching the ebb and flow of the tide creates a sense of calm amidst the storms in my life. The vastness of the sea humbles and reminds me I’m part of a much larger story. And, that it’s pointless to be anxious about things out of my control.

Looking out into the water is like looking into the mysterious unknown. It tends to put life in perspective for, as much as we think we are in control of our lives, the truth is….we’re not. Sure, we have control over the decisions we make and we have complete control over how we respond and react to life’s curveballs. But, as far as being in complete control of life events, we are not. Just ask “Mother Nature.”

Whether you believe karma, fate or a higher being is calling the shots, life can sometimes feel like it’s spinning out of control with no purpose or clear direction.

In my worldview, God is in complete control of life. I encounter nothing God has not allowed to happen to further His will for my life and teach lessons I need to learn. It’s my free will in how I respond.  His sovereignty is not diminished by my actions, and I am accountable for my choices…yet those choices are no surprise to Him. I trust in His providence and believe if I am walking in His Word and praying for guidance, I’ll make the choices I’m suppose to make…even when life looks like a frustrating mess. It’s a cosmic mystery.

I don’t know why God allows things to transpire the way they do. I drive myself crazy trying to make sense of this messy world. I’m sure Joseph felt the same way after being sold into bondage by his brothers (Genesis 37-50). Most of the time, I cannot put the puzzle together, and trying to causes me to stress.

Which is why looking out at the ocean is therapeutic for me. The healing power of Vitamin Sea gives me clarity. The blue hues calm my mind. The crash of the surf drowns out my inner voice that relentlessly screams at me to worry about everything.

I am instantly transported to another dimension. One where Jesus values me as His own special creation. And, even though I am tempted to wonder why things are the way they are, I can see His fingerprints all over my life. He is actively working behind the scenes. The ocean reminds me I don’t have to have all the answers. I don’t have to figure it all out in order to feel content.

When the rays of the sun first appear in a sunrise or when I see the last sun rays in a sunset, it’s like Jesus is telling me He’s in control, all is well, and the world will keep spinning regardless of my input. I rest in His sovereignty and trust in His will.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. ~Joshua 1:9

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7 thoughts on “Vitamin Sea

  1. I love that term – Vitamin Sea. It is that for me too, calming, soothing, relaxing. Why, I’m not sure – the power that the ocean holds is amazing – how that kind of power can be calming is a mystery to me.

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  2. “…as much as we think we are in control of our lives, the truth is….we’re not. Sure, we have control over the decisions we make and we have complete control over how we respond and react to life’s curveballs.”

    You said it, Lisa! And it isn’t until something happens in your life that is beyond your control, do you even begin to comprehend that.

    Your photographs are BEYOND gorgeous! You have such a talent for the camera, my friend. Bellissima!

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