Humanity. May it Rest in Peace

Where has our humanity gone? It’s become painfully obvious our culture does not value that same things it used to only a decade or so ago. With the absence of civil discourse in our cultures today, it seems many people are opting out of the essence of being human….and humane.

And no one particular subsegment of the population has the corner on this decline in values. No, it seems this is an equal opportunity social disease. It affects Progressive Democrats, Conservative Republicans, the disenfranchised, the well-off, the younger generation as well as the older generations.

How did we get here? Here’s a few possibilities to consider:

Bill Maher jokes about the death of David Koch who had cancer. He actually said “I’m glad he’s dead,” and “I hope the end was painful.” What sort of person says that, regardless of what you thought of them? And, what sort of people laugh at statements like that?

Bill Maher, who is a millionaire, is also rooting for a recession to keep Trump from winning in 2020. Are there US citizens who really want our country to crash and burn economically just so their political party can win an election? And, if so, what does that say about their humanity for those who are struggling now?

Humans are actively destroying earth with our throw-away mentality. From plastics in the ocean to wasteful energy consumption, I believe many people are completely oblivious to how much they consume and throw away on a daily basis.  Fossil fuels are a concern but it’s impossible…or at least price prohibitive….for industries to grow/harvest, manufacture and transport goods in the supply line without using fossil fuels. So what is the answer? It’s probably not calling each side of the climate change issue names.

Women can legally kill their babies for any reason up to the moment they naturally emerge from the birth canal. When did a five inch long tube determine the worth of a human life? I know this is a complex issue and there may be instances where this decision might be necessary. But, access to unrestricted abortions  have cheapened human life and has been weaponized for political gain. A child should not be viewed as an organ in a woman’s body.

Immigrant children are separated from their parents when those parents choose to break our law and cross the border illegally. Again, this is a complex, layered issue that has been weaponized for political posturing. Is separation necessary to keep the children safe from sexual predators while their parents are detained and going through screening? Is separation necessary to ensure the adults traveling with them are, in fact, parents and not sex traffickers? What steps can be taken to determine if we’re looking at a family needing asylum or a person who intends to harm our country? How do we enforce our border laws to ensure safety without losing our humanity?

Where is the humanity when we look at someone who disagrees with our opinions and worldviews and vilify them for their opinions? Ellen Degeneres was shamed on social media for hanging out with her friend, George W. Bush, at a Dallas Cowboys football game. Vince Vaughan had a civil conversation with the president of the United States at the NCAA National Championship and haters were morally outraged. Our president tweets questionable comments and a political candidate recently belittled a voter by calling him “full of shit” and a “horse’s ass.” So often we turn to inanimate labels to reduce the other person to less-than-human status. Liberal, Conservative, Deplorables, Libtard, Biatch, MAGAs, Infidel, Feminazi, Racist, Emo, Slut, Fag, Tranny, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Nigger, Chink, Kike, Gansta, Geek, etc. (I’m sure we can all think of some more).  It’s so much easier to hate someone when there is no human connection.

The rise in violence directed at innocent people. Drive-by gang shootings where stray bullets hit children; unstable individuals who shoot up schools and public places; terrorists who plot violence with the maximum amount of carnage. The root cause of these horrific events goes so much deeper than simply gun control. Mental health issues need to be seriously addressed in some of these situations. Foreign and domestic terrorism find its roots in hatred fueled by endless inhumane reasons.

Who is to blame for society’s moral decline? Violent video games? Movies and TV shows that openly mock morality and celebrate violence? Social media and the ease of displaying bad behavior while hiding behind a screen? The current administration? The previous administration? The lack of interest/commitment in religion? Too much zealousness in the name of religion?

All of the above?

I’ve lived long enough to realize when we don’t view each other as a human beings, problems arise. When we look at others not as someone created in the image of God, but reduce them to a stereotype, we stick another knife in the back of humanity. When people live for themselves and their own personal agendas, society suffers. When moral relativism says everything is okay and there’s no universal standard for ethical or moral judgment, then no one is held to a  universal standard of accountability for their actions. And, at that point, we all fail as human beings.



8 thoughts on “Humanity. May it Rest in Peace

  1. I blame the parents for the most part. Parents quit parenting long ago and gave the job to others, school, the street or the next door neighbor. There’s little respect in some corners. I sure miss the kindness that once was here. Now it’s hatred all over the place.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend and thanks for posting this. ♥

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  2. Lisa you shared on so many important topics within this post, but they all sum up to one thing as your post title says…humanity: may it rest in peace.

    You know, I’ve been thinking about all of this myself. In fact, I have a post in draft that I’ve been working on but I’m trying to present my thoughts and feelings in a direct way, yes, but also in a way that is constructive. Everything seems to be out of control and chaotic. There is no middle-ground, it’s all so extreme. The focus seems to be on our differences, rather than what we have in common. And this not only happening here in the US, but all over the globe.

    Thank you so much for sharing this today, my friend. You put into words what so many of us are feeling, but find challenging to express.

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  3. So many good points in your post. I sometimes wonder if it all began with the phrase that became popular ‘Just Do It’. It nullified any responsibility for actions that seem inappropriate. I look back, and for me, it all came about when I nor anyone else has been looking, and here it is. I don’t believe the chaotic state happened just within the term of this President. I’m old for this world, but I pray someone has a good solution or heaven help the younger generation. I’ve seen many good examples of good behavior, good hearted people, and kids that are really awesome, which does give me hope, and helps to stay on the positive side of things. I have no answers.

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