May Photo Challenge: Keeping Busy

Holy cow….it’s been a month already? May is always May-hem in my world and no quarantine is ever going to change that.

PJ’s theme for May was Keeping Busy since we were all suppose to be locked down, staying safe from COVID-19. Keeping busy is never really a problem for me. I stepped back into the classroom at our local university in January for the spring semester as an adjunct instructor, and finished my 15-week adventure with 22 designers—half of it online. O.M.G! I love right-brainers, but the amount of attention and supervision 22 Gen Z designers needed was exhausting.

Anyway…I was able to snap a few other activities that also kept me busy this month.

Keeping Busy 1
It might be hard to tell, but this is a volunteer redbud tree. I found four of them in and around my gardens and transplanted them in hopes of having these gorgeous trees grow in other areas of my yard. Two are in the ground and two are in a flower pot. We’ll see what happens.

Keeping Busy 2
Spray painting my planter pots and filling them with flowers was tops on my to-do list for May. Once filled, this little visitor made an appearance. It’s one of the skinks that share our habitat and the grand girls named him/her Skyler (the Skink).

Keeping Busy 3
We’ve been grilling a lot for our meals since we can’t go out to dine at our favorite establishments. Does anyone else feel like they’ve cooked about 500 meals this month? Cabo is certainly not complaining.

Keeping Busy 4
The Quarantine Fifteen has turned into the Quarantine Twenty with all those meals so Cabo and I have been trying to get out and walk in the neighborhood for some much needed exercise.  Too much sitting at the computer with online class work and my paid job have taken its toll.

Keeping Busy 5
Twix and Peanut spend some of their stay-home order time at their second home…ours. During those times we continued the online school work/homeschoolng and have succeeded in helping Twix learn how to ride her two-wheel bike (during recess and PE time). She also has mastered better balance on the scooter and has become somewhat of a speed demon up and down the driveway. Now, she just needs to focus on the roller skates!

Keeping Busy Bonus
While we are very careful about where we go and always take precautions due to Entrepreneur’s condition, we did make a trip to see my mom for Mother’s Day. I know she and her husband are being cautious since they are both in their mid-80s. Since we are all being super careful on our end, we surprised her by bringing one of her granddaughters and her great grands. I thought she was going to cry!

There’s my five…or six…snippets of how we kept busy in May. I encourage you to stop by PJ’s and see what others did to pass the time during May.

11 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge: Keeping Busy

  1. Red bud trees are nice. You have a beautiful family. I love the helmet 🙂 My great niece has a Frozen one with a built in crown- I didn’t even have a helmet when I was little. Have a nice week. XO

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  2. Just read about your journey as an instructor, and I’m shocked – yet not completely surprised. Reliability and punctuality seem to be outdated, and if you don’t have it in you or “life happens” you won’t show up / hand in your assignments. Sad.
    Good thing you got some balance making your garden beautiful, enjoying BBQs and walking your dog. And yes, the (amount of) cooking has gotten out of hand, hasn’t it!
    Twix’s unicorn bike helmet is adorable!

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  3. We’re busy here too. Love that little lizard. We have them around here. We have one that comes into our house and hubby takes him/her back out. It’s a game they play. So cute. Huge Awww.

    We’ve had takeout a few times, but mostly we’re cooking at home too. I’m so ready to visit our favorite restaurants again.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

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  4. It seems we have all adapted in some way to a new busy. I have found I have plenty to do. We have been cooking a ton, I am fully on board with the COVID-20. We’ve had a lot of local eateries move to curb-side and deliveries. I think I’ve been trying to single handily keep them in business. I have (had, he graduated) a high school senior and a college sophomore. Watching them both transition to the online learning was tough. I feel for the teachers as well. Good on you for keeping up!

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  5. I had to look up red bud trees – they are stunning! I wish you every success nurturing four found seedlings into glorious riots of pink blossoms every spring!! It’s kind of funny (sad?) how there’s a split in society re: COVID-15/20…and those who are loosing weight due to anxiety and/or increased exercise. You’d think that of all times, we’d realize this is a time to be kind and tolerant. Good for you (and Cabo) for getting out and working off the stress and the calories! 🙂 What a blessing to get together IRL for Mother’s Day. I enjoyed the company of one young adult “child” and made do with a Zoom call to my own mother…but someone the video chats just aren’t doing it for me. Stay well and enjoy your summer break.

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