August Photo Challenge: Sports

Well, here we are at the end of August and time again for PJ’s photo challenge. It’s amazing to me how, in the middle of a pandemic, I’ve not found the time to devote to blogging or commenting on my bloggy friends’ posts. I just realized it’s been a whole month since my last post. I suppose that should be my next topic.

This month’s prompt from PJ is Sports. An interesting take since we’re in the middle of a pandemic. So, let’s get creative……

Sports 1
Even though we cannot attend sporting events in person, we can still show support for our teams by adding a stylish team mask accessory to our outfits. Coordinating masks with outfits is optional.

Sports 2
Television replayed the glory season of the Kansas City Chiefs and we watched some of the playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl. This one was the Chiefs vs the Titans for the AFC Championship. It proved to be just as exciting the second time around, but without the stress since we already knew the outcome.

Sports 3
Cycling….Twix learned to ride her two-wheel bike this spring and she’s now a speed demon in the driveway. But, she’s not quite brave enough to take the bike off-road yet like her older sister, who mountain bikes around the house through the grass.

Sports 4
The grand girls decided to try their hand at learning the sport of tennis. The rules are pretty loosey-goosey, but they’re having fun. When their aunt and uncle from Florida came to visit, they played doubles in the driveway.

Sports 5
Our daughter and son-in-law from Jax Beach are both golf pros. So, where do they take their summer vacay? Of course, they come to Missouri to play golf. Their courses of choice were the Top of the Rock, in Branson, and Porto Cima, at the Lake of the Ozarks. They did take Entrepreneur to the driving range to fix his swing and spent an afternoon on the accompanying mini-golf course.

Bonus Sports 6
When they weren’t playing golf, they hung out with their nieces in the pool. Playing with two energetic goddaughters is a sport, isn’t it? It should be.

Those are my pics for Sports this month. Check out PJ’s linky party when it’s live to see what other sports were happening in August.

9 thoughts on “August Photo Challenge: Sports

  1. Lisa, those masks are so creative!

    The online photographs reminded me of when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

    “They did take Entrepreneur to the driving range to fix his swing and spent an afternoon on the accompanying mini-golf course.”

    OMG when I a kid, that was such a treat during the summer months. My father was a HUGE fan of golfing, so he enjoyed taking us a mini-golf course. Oh, what fun!

    Love the pic of everyone in the pool!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Hope you’re enjoying September!!!

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  3. It’s so awesome seeing your extended family spending time together and enjoying sporty activities together. We’ve seen a lot of nuclear families hiking, walking and cycling together this summer, and lots of 20-somethings hiking together. But we are pretty risk-averse, so have mostly hiked and biked just the two of us. When we hiked with friends the other day, each couple drove in their own car to the trailhead. We are all doing our best to find joy during these strange times.

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