Awww Monday: Welcome September

In my struggle to get back into the blogging habit, I’m looking forward to Autumn. I’m pretty much done with summer… will still be close to 90F, but there’s promises of cooler weather coming later this week. I need the windows open to save my sanity.

Over the weekend we hit our fist pumpkin patch visit and picked up a few in anticipation of Autumn porch decorating. Looking for pumpkins in a pumpkin patch is not as enjoyable when it’s 90F outside as when there’s a chill in the air. But we, obviously, made the best of it. This one is mine and weighed in at 16 pounds. Peanut and Twix’s pumpkins topped out at 20+ pounds each. So many of the Fall Festivals have been canceled this year. We hope to visit a few privately-owned pumpkin patches where there won’t be huge crowds of people.

Sharing with Sandee at Comedy Plus for Awww Monday.

6 thoughts on “Awww Monday: Welcome September

  1. I’m so done with summer too. We’re in another heatwave. I’ve lost count of how many heatwaves we’ve had this summer.

    What a beautiful young lady. Awww…

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Big hug. ♥

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  2. “I’m pretty much done with summer… will still be close to 90F…”

    Me too, Lisa! Sooooo done with it. And I love how many of the people here are saying that it really hasn’t been a bad summer as far as the heat and humidity goes. I’m like, “And tell me….what part of this city are you living that it hasn’t been extremely hot and humid!?!”

    My only joy is that summer flew by quickly this year. Yahoooooooooo!

    LOVE the photograph! OMG…it made me smile 🙂 because the sight of a pumpkin makes me jump with joy! And that is one perfect-looking pumpkin. I love the twirly stem!

    Have a great week, my friend!

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  3. I hate to let Summer go, but the heat has been brutal. Couldn’t even enjoy going outside. I love the cooler Fall weather, but doesn’t last long enough seems, and I no longer like what comes after. When young, the hotter the better, but don’t fare as well with age. I do miss though having little ones that enjoy the Pumpkin Patch.

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