My favorite day of Autumn

Autumn seems to be early this year. I usually wait another week to take the grand girls to my favorite local photo locations, but I don’t trust the weather to cooperate this year. Because, what about this year has been trustworthy? We’ve went from mid 80sF to mid 40sF in just three days. And today it’s suppose to be back in the 80s. In-between, we’ve cold, windy days with rain.

We bypassed the manicured park and only hit the nature areas this year. It blows me away when I process the photos how Peanut and Twix change from year to year…that will be an upcoming post. Even though the color wasn’t quite peak, I’m extremely happy with how these turned out this year.

Peanut is in middle school and it shows in more ways than one. She’s growing into a lovely young lady, even though she insists she’s a “tomboy” and will never, ever, in a zillion years be a “girlie girl.” Each year, I buy something for them to wear for Fall Photo Shoot Day. This year it was new jeans jackets…because, you know, we don’t want to give the impression we are “girlie girls.”

Twix is….well….six years old and full of sugar with enough spice to make life interesting. As a first grader, she is all into pink and purple but also loves to creek stomp and wander around in the woods. The bridge below is one of my favorite backdrops.

There’s five years difference between them in ages. Twix wants desperately to do everything her sister does. Obviously, this is a point of contention with the tween big sister but there are fleeting moments when I think Peanut actually does like her little sister…sort of.

Peanut is all legs now and at that age of wanting to be oh so grown up….yet not quite ready to let go of childhood. It’s coming, my lovely, it’s coming….whether you like it or not.

These are my thankful moments. Fleeting snippets of time when all is right with the world. If these days weren’t so exhausting, I would stay here forever. 😆 But these old 60+-year-old bones have a time limit on how often they can stoop, stand, kneel, walk on rocks and chase after two grand girls….and two hours or so is about it. But I’m also thankful I still have the mobility to capture these precious slices of life.

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13 thoughts on “My favorite day of Autumn

  1. Wow. Time flies. Seems just last year seeing your posts about new grandbabies. I miss mine going with me on photo shoots. He’s in HS now and almost 6ft tall. He would still go with me, but he’s busier than he use to be when he and mom lived with me. But, so happy for them.

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  2. “We’ve went from mid 80sF to mid 40sF in just three days. And today it’s suppose to be back in the 80s. In-between, we’ve cold, windy days with rain.”

    Same exact weather we’re experiencing. It’s bipolar! 🙂

    And you should be happy with these photographs because they are AWE-SOME!

    Well done, my friend! Have a terrific weekend! X

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  4. These were wonderful. They are both such cute girls. I think the jean jackets were the perfect choice. My favorite photo was the one on the bridge but they were all lovely.

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