November Photo Challenge: Thankful

Linking up with PJ’s prompt for November’s photo challenge. Appropriately, it was Thankful. And, before you point it out, yes, I know I’m late as it’s December 2nd and I’m just now getting around to it. It’s been one of those months.

But, in the middle of all the chaos, I am thankful. Every. Day. I didn’t take a lot of photos last month so these will have to do to represent a few of the areas of my life in which I’m grateful and thankful.

Thankful 1
I’m thankful I live in an area where there is Autumn color. While I love warmer climates, I really couldn’t imagine living where there aren’t trees like this one. This beauty sits beside a small pond on our church’s property. Entrepreneur and I brought lunch and spent some much-needed mental therapy there one day. It’s amazing how the world’s problems melt away under a beautiful red maple by calming waters.

Thankful 2
I’m thankful for fur babies. Even though they can sometimes be frustrating/irritating/inconvenient, I can’t imagine living without one or two of them in my life.

Thankful 3
Even though it was strongly recommended no one travel for Thanksgiving, we did anyway and went to visit my mom and her husband. Before you shake your head at me, know we are extremely careful with virus exposure because of Entrepreneur’s cancer and they are careful because of their age—so it was very safe for us to see them and we didn’t go anywhere. She’s a spry 86 and, although she’s slowing down, her mind is just as sharp as ever. They still live independently and I’m thankful to be able to still spend time with her. While we were there, we hauled Christmas decorations up from the basement and put up the outside garland and wreaths….because no one really wants 86-year-old people on ladders.

Thankful 4
This photo needs no explanation about why it’s included in this thankful collection! The joy these grand girls bring us is beyond description. I’m thankful Entrepreneur is still alive and able to make memories with them. I hope they are becoming old enough to remember the special times they had together with him when he’s no longer here.

Thankful 5
There will be another post with more on this photo, but for now, I’m thankful our church displays this labor of love every year for the community to enjoy. It’s called a Magic Tree and to stand under it is most certainly a magical experience. There are many Magic Trees around town, but none as tall as this 85-foot Sycamore tree. It’s visible for more than a mile away and is strung with about 38 miles of lights and nearly 200,000 bulbs. It’s truly a light in the darkness.

There’s my five for November’s Thankful photo challenge. As we officially begin the holidays, I encourage everyone to continue to find things in their lives in which be thankful and grateful. A truly grateful heart has no room for negativity. Perhaps if people would concentrate on being thankful for what they have in life, there would be less divisiveness and resentment in our world.

What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?
~Author unknown

What are you grateful for today?

8 thoughts on “November Photo Challenge: Thankful

  1. Inspiring “Thankful” post, Lisa!

    “It’s amazing how the world’s problems melt away under a beautiful red maple by calming waters.”

    I soooo agree! In fact, that’s how I move through any problem or challenge in my life, spending time within nature; particularly sitting by a tree.

    Faaaaaaabulous photos! I love the fur babies one! Such a sweet capture!

    The image of your and your mother is just beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your thankfulness, my friend! Have a great rest of your week! X

    Liked by 1 person

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