Our trombonist

Remember back in the summer when I said Peanut wanted to take band in middle school? We were all for it because it was something outside of her comfort zone. While we were all pulling for the saxophone or drums, she had other ideas and chose……the trombone.

Now, Peanut is 4 foot 9 and only a little over 75 pounds. We all wondered how she was going to wield a trombone. We also wondered how long she would stick with it since Entrepreneur is the only person in our family who mastered an instrument in school. And, that was the drums.

Well, she has stuck with it so far and participated in her first school band concert…..COVID style. The class set up in the high school gym just like a regular concert. But, without parents or other spectators. The concert was recorded and a link sent to parents.

And, just because they weren’t seen by adoring parents and grandparents, the band teacher still required them to “dress accordingly.” No small accomplishment since Peanut is much more comfortable in camo pants and T-shirts. But she agreed to dress for the occasion…in a dress. I think it might be the only one she owns.

The other night she treated us to an impromptu micro mini concert in our kitchen. But, because I don’t have a premium wordpress account, I cannot share the video with you. So, a still pic will just have to do. I will say she has very good tone! Cabo was less impressed.

Happy Friday to everyone! Can you believe in one week it will be Christmas Day?

6 thoughts on “Our trombonist

  1. Gosh, it’s so hard to comprehend that the Peanut I first met as a wee babe is now this girl big enough to wield a trombone! Really, where have all those years gone? Good for her, deciding to give it a try and then sticking with it. I’m sure your holidays will be bright, even if not as “peopled” as usual.

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  2. Lisa, I LOVED this whole post!

    First, Peanut looks absolutely FABULOUS in her concert ensemble! And please tell her that someone who used to be a professional hairstylist (me) loves her hair!

    All your photographs are awesome, however, the one of her treating you to an impromptu mini concert in your kitchen is stellar! She looks like a pro holding that trombone!

    Thanks so much for sharing. REALLY enjoyed this!

    I know, can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner?

    Have a superb weekend, my friend! X

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