Please explain to me…..

To my Democrat friends,

Please explain to me how this is a positive representation of what the party embraces. I’m talking about the choice of a headliner for a recent rally for Democratic Georgia senatorial candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. I have to say, when I realized who this was, I literally got sick to my stomach.

Rapper, BRS Kash, appeared at a drive-in rally for the two Senate candidates at a Baptist church in Lithonia just a few days ago. BRS is well-known for his repulsive rap lyrics that definitely cross the misogynistic line of decency. I’ll let you read some of his tweets and rap lyrics HERE. This might be one of the most nauseating individuals I’ve seen in a long time.

My question is why? Why would a campaign choose to feature someone with such a broken moral compass to reach out to voters? I understand I’m not his demographic (far from it), but what does this say about those who support him and by extension, the candidates? What does it say about the campaign? What does it say about the candidates? Why would anyone running for higher office think it was a good idea to yoke their campaign with him? If he wants to sing from the gutter, he has that right, but why would anyone voluntarily accompany him there by association? The screenshot below says it all. Yes, pure, unadulterated trash.

Performers tend to write and sing from their souls and life experiences. Based on the lyrics and statements from BRS, should he be held up and celebrated as a Democrat influencer for everyone to see? But, there’s a long, long list of political people who embrace and support bad behavior from those supporting their narrative while all the while vilifying those with whom they disagree with for the same behavior. There’s a lot of do as I say, not as I do mentality from those in government positions.

It was not that long ago when Democrat congressmen/women were in an uproar about possible questionable behavior from a Supreme Court nominee on the grounds of sexual assault and rape allegations. There was no room on the high court bench for a person who, obviously, had such misogynistic tendencies and disregard for women…even though there was no proof of impropriety. But that didn’t matter. Guilty as charged and unfit to be considered. President Trump has been repeatedly criticized for his derogatory comments and misogynistic remarks. I’d say his worst comments may not rise to the same level of disgust and indecency as what is spewed from the mouth of BRS. But I suppose it’s all okay since he toned down the lyrics of “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” to “Vote Baby” for the rally.

I completely understand BRS is not running for office. But, as we all tell our children, we are judged by the company we keep. Should this be treated any differently? Why are some people given a pass on bad behavior with a wink and a nod while others are vilified for it? It’s all so hypocritical.

I can’t even link up with anyone for this post because there is nothing redeeming about this situation. Sadly, blatant hypocrisy, vilification of others and behavior that defies all decency when it serves to further a narrative seems to be the direction much of our country is headed.

Time will tell what sort of country we want to be…and what we are willing to sacrifice in order to win.

16 thoughts on “Please explain to me…..

  1. That guy is disgusting. Good grief. I think some of our politicians have gone over the edge. It used to be good was good and bad was bad. Now it’s bad is good and good is bad.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

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  2. “… there’s a long, long list of political people who embrace and support bad behavior from those supporting their narrative while all the while vilifying those with whom they disagree with for the same behavior. There’s a lot of do as I say, not as I do mentality from those in government positions.”

    Exactly. And that pretty much sums it up completely about that party.

    As you know, I’m registered as Independent. I don’t vote for a party for the sake of the party. I vote for the person and the issues. In the past, I have voted for candidates who were Democrat, and then other times I have voted for candidates who were Republican.

    Standing back; looking at the two parties, I can see both the positives and negatives in each party because neither is perfect.

    However, over the past four years, what I’ve seen of the Democratic party is anything but democratic. And it’s funny because they don’t have the ability to look in a mirror and actually see themselves. The only ability they have is to control, segregate, spew hatred, manifest violence, and brainwash, while creating a smoke screen of unicorns and fairies for the American people; convincing them that they are the party of peace, love and harmony.

    In the next four years, this country will go from Democratic, to Socialism, and then into a full Dictatorship.


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    • Yes, so do I. But how on earth could anyone vote from Trump ???I am not an American but when I see how he behaves and what vile talk comes from his mouth, I just don’t understand. He ruined the US and he ruined the rest of the world, the US used to be a decent country, now it is the laughingstock of the world. It really scares me that someone like him can become the president of a nation like the US. So please please can someone tell me why him ???????

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    • I believe most of it stemmed from people being fed up with politicians and wanted someone who wasn’t steeped in the Washington DC swamp. I can’t help but wonder how things would have been different if both parties plus the media had tried to actually work together from the beginning instead of spending all their time tearing each other apart. The hatred and vitriol that has been the norm for the past four years has been disturbing and I wonder if the two political parties will ever get along.

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        • I believe a lot of our nation’s problems could be solved by term limits and line-item veto power. A lot of this unnecessary pork spending could be stripped out of bills; good examples are the latest “COVID relief” bills that have more than half of the money going to non-COVID spending.

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  3. I live in a kingdom and many of us want a president as they say it is not fair to become a king by birth but a king has no power (not our king anyway). But in a democratic world everyone should be able to become a president, but no country is democratic. Who does become president of a country ???? He who has to most money and no scruples at all. And that is why I don’t want us to get a president. There are so many millions of US people and who becomes president ? A Trump, never had to work a day in his live, spoilt rotten by his parents, all his money he got from his daddy……I understand you didn’t want Mrs Clinton, but Trump ???


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