December Photo Challenge: Magic of the Season

PJ is closing out another year of his Photo Blogging Challenge with the theme, Magic of the Season. Despite COVID-19’s best efforts, it simply cannot cancel the holidays and the magic of the season that goes with it.

Maybe Christmas (he thought) doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more. ~The Grinch 

Yes, it looked different in 2020, but for those who hold the magic of Christmas in their hearts all year, nothing was ruined.

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t keep to just five this month. Oops. It’s just not possible.

Magic Season 1
We started decorating the week before Thanksgiving. I know. I know. Sacrilege. But, we needed the mental uplifting of being surrounded by Christmas early this year.

Magic Season 2
The grand girls had a sleepover one night and Twix opted to sleep in the family room with the Christmas tree as her nightlight. For me, this shot is just about the perfect representation of the magic of the season.

Magic Season 3
Our church’s Magic Tree is another magical experience. I’ve written about it HERE and HERE. Hot chocolate and cookies were given to visitors each Friday before Christmas while carols played in the background. Standing under this tree is probably one of the most magical experiences in the county.

Magic Season 4a
What is more magical than grand girls in Santa hats? The magic is in the ability to get them close to each other, looking in the same direction with a smile on their face. Some would consider it a Christmas miracle.

Magic Season 4b
This is my sneaky way of getting yet another photo in for the most magical month of the year. What’s more magical than grand girls in Santa hats? A Doodle in a Santa hat! Cabo will do just about anything for a treat. On the flip side of the cooperation spectrum, Bridget was having none of these shenanigans.

Magic Season 5
It will be a fantastic feat of magic if I don’t gain more weight this season with all the baking I did.

Magic Season Bonus
Here’s where I blow it and include not one, not two but THREE more Magic of the Season shots. Veterans United Home Loans pulled out all the stops and created a magical 1-mile drive-through an extravaganza of light displays. It was their contribution to our community during an otherwise uneventful holiday season without the usual holiday merriment events. We went a bit early and waited in a line of cars for almost 45 minutes before we even got to the entrance. It took almost another 45 minutes to drive through the displays. When we finished, the line to get into it was at least 2 miles long.

Those are my five eight nine magical photos for the holiday season. Visit PJ at A lil HooHaa on January 1st for some more magical merriment. As 2021 approaches, I’d love for you to consider joining us each month for this fun and very easy photo challenge.

8 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge: Magic of the Season

  1. Beautiful Christmas shots and I agree this was a good year to decorate before Thanksgiving. Well done.

    I had two of the cookies. Delicious.

    Have a fabulous day and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good for you (and us) to go beyond the “rules” this month. We all desperately needed the comfort and joy of Christmas trees, lights and cookies early!
    A Christmas tree sleepover – I bet Twix kicked off a new tradition! Did Santa appear in her dreams?
    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, all nine of them.
    Happy new year!


  3. The photos of your Christmas decorating lifted my spirits, so they must have done wonder for yours. 🙂 Some wonderful memories captured in your photos, as always. Curious to know if your decorations are still up. Lots of folks here are keeping their lights up until the end of January to help keep spirits bright during this COVID winter. Wishing you and your family all the best in 2021.


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